Community of Christ

Disciples' Generous Response Tips

An effective Disciples’ Generous Response…

  • contains a message integrated with the rest of the worship service.
  • reflects the mission of Jesus Christ that is supported by contributions of Community of Christ members, friends, and/or affiliates.
  • helps contributors recognize the sacred purpose of their contributions to Mission Tithes.
  • connects persons of all ages to the message, nurturing disciples to be ready and eager to respond.
  • is presented by a prepared and engaging worship participant (priesthood or non-priesthood) who believes in generosity and is a contributor.
  • has elements of a joyful celebration of thanksgiving.


  • Consider the use of visuals, illustrations, or object lessons.
  • If you need help, seek assistance from someone with more experience.
  • Make the message challenging; everyone can give something regularly (according to means and capacity).
  • Talk to the people; make eye contact.
  • Focus on the contributor as much or more than the contribution.
  • Be honest, objective, and positive.

Available Resources

  • Simple templates to help you use existing generosity resources
  • Stewardship scriptures
  • Offering envelopes (for adults and children) from your CFO
  • Becoming a Generous Disciple: Six Principles to Live By from Herald House


  • We receive the offering; we do not take it up.
  • It is an offering, not a collection.
  • The first Sunday focus is Abolish Poverty, End Suffering which includes Oblation and World Hunger ministry.
  • Giving is more about grace than formulas and calculations.
  • First decide how much to give, then decide which funds to give to.
  • Share equally between Congregation Ministries and World Ministries.
  • Every gift is important—to God, to the giver, and to the ministry of the church.
  • Funds are the means to ministry. God not only wants our money, God needs our money. But first, God needs our heart.
  • Giving is a joy and a privilege.