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Open Table - Get Started

Steps to Start an Open Table

Follow these steps to start an Open Table. 

Spread the Word

Talk with your Pastor or Mission Center President and let them know you are excited about this ministry opportunity. Find others in your area that would like to form a Table.

Consider Organizations

Consider organizations that could help refer potential candidates as Brothers and Sisters. Learn about the community resources available in your area.

Confirm Congregation's Support

Confirm that your congregation can support the costs associated with starting a Table. Generally congregations pay $650 for licensing and candidate backgrounding, and each volunteer is asked to contribute $120 for the year.

Contact Open Table

Through our long partnership with Community of Christ, Open Table looks forward to continue serving you. Please visit Open Table to learn more or to reach us by phone at (888) 920-2678.

Start Training

Once you identify congregational leaders in your area, your new Table will be assigned a Launch Navigator to help your Table get started. When ready, you will receive Training, Resources and Support to start this journey.

Learn More

Ready to start an Open Table? Learn more about starting an Open Table in your congregation.