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Open Table trains congregations and their members, through the Open Table Model, to form communities - called Tables - that transform their vocational and life experiences into tools our Brothers and Sisters in poverty can use to develop and implement plans that create change. The Open Table process is a catalyst for the collaboration of faith communities, government, universities, business and non-profits working through a shared purpose model to move themselves and their communities from a transactional relationship with our Brothers and Sisters in poverty to one of transformation.

While congregation members join Tables to help others, they soon realize they are changed forever by the relationships they create through missional community. In Open Table, relationship is mutual: love, healing, purpose, faith and transformation given by each other for each other. God gives everyone human potential and the Open Table model allows us all to use it to give lives of meaning to each other.


From a chance encounter with a homeless man at a local church outreach, Open Table has expanded to a movement of people and communities in 17 states and 50+ cities and towns. The movement is demonstrating that the abundant, renewable resources of intellectual and social capital in people and their communities can be directly and effectively invested in the human potential of our Brothers and Sisters in poverty. The breakthrough element is a model based on seven years of implementation experience that prepares, teaches, equips and coaches participants for authentic, direct, transformative relationship.

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