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Building Project Architect Analysis

The selection of an architect to coordinate the design of a church facility is critical to the success of the project. Since the congregation will meet with several architects and engineering firms, this form has been developed to assist the congregation in evaluating the candidates. This form is only a tool, and questions asked and areas listed for your comments are suggestions only. Please make enough copies so there is one evaluation form for each candidate. Other factors may also be important to the congregation, and should be made part of the evaluation on the basis of the congregation’s individual experience. Ample space is given for comments and notes so that the congregation will be able to distinguish the candidates at the end of the interviews.

Questions to Consider When Evaluating the Architect



Estimated fee:

Overall evaluation:    Poor     Fair     Good     Excellent                  

Architect’s previous experience:

Architect’s work samples in terms of creativity and quality:

How does the architect propose to interact with the congregation?

How well do you think the architect will be able to adapt to changing circumstances and the demand of the congregation?

Do you sense a desire of the architect to continue the relationship as the congregation implements the master plan?

Architect is strongest in the area of:

Architect is weakest in the area of:

If this candidate is judged to be the best is he/she acceptable?