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Donor Stories

Legacy Giving - Donor Stories

Peace of Mind

The excellent guidance and assistance of the ‘good folk’ of the Community of Christ mission funding team have brought us peace of mind regarding our family estate.

With resources located in two states and two countries their expertise enabled us to achieve peace of mind.  We were given several options, all clearly explained, enabling us to both protect and provide assets to our children and establish a gift plan on behalf of the church’s mission initiative, Abolish Poverty & End Suffering.

The experience of reviewing and making decisions was an immensely positive and joyful experience.

Alex and Sharon Kahtava

Carrying on Our Mother's Legacy

The mission funding team assisted my mother, Arlene Larson also known as Arlene Mueller-Cook, in creating her Trust in 1997.  She passed away in the middle of October 2014 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

She was a faithful member and minister of the church throughout her 86 years. She was conservative in her spending, but shared generously with her family and to help the needy.  She gave of both her time and her money.

Mother witnessed the needs of the poor first-hand as a teacher in the homes of preschool children she taught and in the area of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where she spent many years.  She passed on those traits to us.

Because she maintained her trust and the value of her estate, my brother and I as co-trustees were able to donate significantly to the church and to Outreach International. We found that having a trust made gaining access to her assets a fairly simple process.

Thank you for what you did for our mother.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Mueller

Dumas, TX

Avoiding Probate and Supporting Mission

I don’t know that I would call it "extravagant generosity," but perhaps "thoughtful stewardship." After much deliberation, prayer and thought, Cathy and I decided it was a good idea for our estate to avoid probate when we pass. We’ve set up a small up-front contribution to various elements of the church, with the balance to be held in a Charitable Remainder Trust that would provide periodic payments to each of our boys. Upon their passing, any remainder will be given to the church. This way, none of the boys is tempted to blow a wad upon the inheritance of a single lump sum all at once. They could save up these periodic payments and accumulate a balance over time, as we had to build it, or use it to meet ongoing expenses if needed. Sort of imposed responsibility if they fall short of having their own. This approach actually can result in a larger total sum of money over the payout period for each son, and a larger donation to the church in the end, since the assets in the Charitable Remainder Trust are managed and reinvested. There are many ways to approach trusts, all of which can help avoid probate taxes, but we are pleased with how we’ve arranged our affairs, and the church will ultimately benefit in some way. Thanks again! We highly recommend that everyone spend some time with Greg Savage or one of his colleagues to investigate possibilities that might work for you and your family. 

Larry and Cathy 

A Positive Experience

Thank you for all your work. We appreciated your clarity and professionalism.  The whole process of setting up the trust was handled in a positive manner. We could not be more pleased. Thank you again for your great help in completing the trust.

Love in Christ,

Glenn and Rose Peterson 

Helping Us Give Back

You were so helpful. We wanted to give back to the Lord, but didn’t know our options. We trust it will be used where it will do the most good, now and in years to come.

We have been and are blessed,

Judy and Rex Boswell