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Grantwriting Support Ministry

The most effective social and human service programs are the ones that dream and plan for long-term success. They purposefully are designed to 1) touch the maximum number of lives possible and 2) multiply the invested time, skills, and funds to enhance the outreach of God’s people into the lives and communities they touch.

As an applicant or recipient (grantee) of Tangible Love or World Hunger funding, it is imperative you plan for your program’s future. That requires attention to organizational structure and fundraising at every step of program development as you envision the difference your program will make in the lives of those you serve.

Tangible Love and World Hunger grants are "seed" money — the financial capital that allows you to start up services while establishing roots in your community that tangibly expresses love and concern for people in need. The grant money covers such initial costs as purchasing supplies and equipment, training volunteers, creating marketing tools, and small stipends for program coordination and pursuit of long-term funding sources.

Grants often seem very complex. However, when approached in small increments with attention to details, grants are in fact practical and achievable as a substantial funding source. See the section on Grant Development for a mini-training in grantwriting.

To encourage and support long-lasting programs, the Tangible Love and World Hunger Team provides interactive support ministry:

  1. There are numerous resources in the Grant Writing Support section.
  2. Information is available via "Connect."  
  3. Professional assistance (mentoring) to answer questions and provide direction through team consultant Brenda Williams. Please understand that Brenda cannot guarantee receipt of any grant, but does offer her expertise and years of experience from a Euro-American perspective.

You can make a difference in your community. Pray, plan, and take the steps necessary—one at a time—to achieve a sustainable program that serves others and shares Christ’s love and peace.