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Job Skills and Training

Potential Program Funders

Charles Mott Foundation’s Pathways Out of Poverty works to expand economic opportunity. It targets programs and policies to improve the economic security of working families by helping the hard-to-serve find entry-level employment, and promoting career development among low-wage workers by helping them stay in the labor market and advance into better jobs.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation directs the majority of its time, attention, and investment toward specific neighborhoods in cities where they have major operations. These neighborhoods are typically among the most challenged areas of major urban centers, defined by unacceptably high rates of poverty and historic disinvestment. Priority areas are community development: (1) resident-focused programming that addresses workforce development, asset building, and financial literacy, and (2) community-focused programming that addresses economic development and affordable housing, education, and arts and culture.

State Street Foundation works in 24 countries to generate and sustain positive change in the communities where they operate. They do this by supporting charitable organizations that provide economically disadvantaged citizens with the education and job skills they need to be successful.

US Bancorp Foundation giving program is designed to respect the diversity of the communities where they operate. They are actively involved in our communities, partnering with local nonprofits to meet specific needs within each community. General priorities include education, affordable housing, self-sufficiency with work-entry programs, and employment retention.

US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration identifies grant and contract opportunities as well as providing many job training and employment resources.