Community of Christ

International Needs

Potential Program Funders

Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) promotes international health and education in 40 countries through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated medical, educational, agricultural, and other resources. All BBF programs are designed to fulfill its mission by connecting people’s resources with people’s needs.

Cargill Foundation provides direct grants for regional, national, and global partnerships and provides matching grants for selected local projects supported by their businesses. Cargill seeks to build sustainable communities by focusing their human and financial resources in three areas: nutrition and health, education, and environmental stewardship.

Charity Village encourages people to support and serve the 175,000 registered Canadian charities and nonprofit organizations. This site provides a wealth of information and sources on project development knowledge as well as funding.

Charles Mott Foundation has four priority programs - civil society, environment, Flint Area, and Pathways Out of Poverty. Flint Area’s mission is to foster a well-functioning, connected community that is capable of meeting the economic, social and racial challenges ahead. Pathways Out of Poverty’s mission is to identify, test, and help sustain pathways out of poverty for low-income people and communities. This includes improving school readiness and performance, expanding economic opportunity, and strengthening and sustaining low-income community organizational structure. In addition to the four programs, there is an Exploratory and Special Projects fund.

Dining for Women (DFW) is an educational dinner-giving circle. Across the United States, women "dine in" together each month, and their "dining out" dollars are sent to grassroots international programs empowering women living in extreme poverty. DFW donations fund programs that foster good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency in developing countries.

Eurasia Foundation is a leader in the development of open, just, and progressive societies. Its programs and network promote local economic development, youth engagement, cross border cooperation, independent media and public policy, and institution building. The network is a constellation of affiliated, locally registered foundations in Central Asia, China, Moldova, Russia, the South Caucasus, and Ukraine.

Ford Foundation is a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. Three broad programs areas of focus are reducing poverty and injustice; promoting democratic values; and advancing human knowledge, creativity and achievement.

IZUMI Foundation gives assistance to the world’s poorest people by supporting programs that improve health in developing countries of Africa and Central and South America.

Michigan State University Libraries offers a list of grants on national and international resources.

Monsanto Fund accepts grant proposals for programs in Africa, Asia, and India for the following services: (1) providing basic education support designed to improve education in farming communities including supporting schools, libraries, science centers, farmer training programs, and academic programs that enrich or supplement school programs; and (2) meeting critical needs in communities by supporting food security, sanitation, access to clean water, public safety, and various other local needs.

OSISA is a nonprofit foundation established in 1997 by investor and philanthropist George Soros. OSISA oversees $5 million (US) in grants annually in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. OSISA is dedicated to the creation of the ideal of an open society. The programs broadly focus on economic reform, education, human rights, and democracy building as well as media.

Philanthropy News Digest is a service of The Foundation Center and provides up-to-date announcements on requests for proposals (RFPs) in the categories of children and youth, community, disabled, education, environment, health, human services, international affairs, substance abuse, and women.

State Street Foundation works in 24 countries to generate and sustain positive change in the communities where they operate. They do this by supporting charitable organizations that provide economically disadvantaged citizens with the education and job skills they need to be successful.