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Ideas for All Ages Together

Grace - Ideas for All Ages Together

Grace and Generosity

Having received God’s generous grace, we respond generously and graciously receive the generosity of others.

A Modern Parable

Matthew 25:14–30, Alma 6:24–28
“We Lift Our Voices” CCS 618

Read the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:14–30 and Alma 6:24–28 to the group. Discuss: God is the giver of all good things. God encourages us to develop our gifts and use them for others. Have you ever turned down an opportunity to give and later wondered whose lives you may have missed helping? Can you see Christ in everyone? Divide the group into teams of three or four. Challenge each team to write a modern version of the parable of the talents, and then read or dramatize it for the whole group.

Action: Consider a gift or skill you can develop to help others. Choose an “action partner” (someone who is not in your family) and support one another as you develop and generously share your gifts or skills.

Keywords: Scripture and Theological Study, parable, generosity, gifts

“Gotta Haves”

Luke 12:13–21
“For the Life That You Have Given” CCS 619

Listen together to the reading of Luke 12:13–21. This passage speaks directly to the consumerism that is present in many modern societies. Have the group make a list of “gotta haves” which people want: things that are often not used once they have them, that turn out to be bad for them, or that they enjoy but could do without. Talk about how to manage the “gotta haves” in your lives. As a group, estimate how much money is spent on those “gotta haves.”

Action: Consider the monetary value of one “gotta have” item. Donate that value to Abolish Poverty, End Suffering. What becomes possible when the whole group donates the value of just one “gotta have”?

Keywords: Community Spiritual Practice, Missional Encounter, generosity, Abolish Poverty, End Suffering