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Ideas for Adults

Grace - Ideas for Adults

Grace and Generosity

We generously share our witness, resources, ministries, and sacraments according to our true capacity.

Spending Your Time and Money

Luke 6:38
“For the Life That You Have Given” CCS 619

Write across the top of a sheet of paper or poster board, categories for how you spend your time and money during one week. Place a sticker (or a word) under each category to represent your use of time and resources. What did you do? What did you buy? How long did it take? How much did you spend? Look for areas of excess (for example, buying seven extra-large cups of coffee from a coffeehouse).

Action: Challenge yourself to save some or all of that money, instead of using your resources to excess. Identify a total amount of money and time that could come from stewardship, and challenge yourself to meet that goal by the end of the month.

Key words: budget, practice, stewardship, money, Missional Encounter, mission

Pros and Cons

2 Corinthians 8–9
“Take My Life, That I May Be (Toma, oh Dios, mi voluntad)” CCS 610

For every “con” (negative aspect), you can think of for a situation, task, or action, write a “pro” (positive aspect) to counterbalance it. Is it a “con” to rake leaves? Or, are there positive aspects to raking? If you are grateful for it, the idea of raking leaves can change from a dreaded chore into a personal spiritual practice!
Action: What do you put off doing that needs to be done? What is holding you back? Try the Pros and Cons exercise and see how changing your attitude can help you get things done in a spirit of gratitude.

Keywords: attitude, practice, grateful, gratitude, personal, spiritual