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Giving a Personal Blessing

Giving a Personal Blessing

If you are asked to give an evangelist blessing to an individual, the information below has some wonderful guidelines and suggestions for this type of blessing. There are also some printed materials available to share about the sacrament of blessing.  

Discussion Starters for Individuals

A series of videos is available to help you introduce the sacrament of evangelist blessing to those who are seeking. These videos can be found in the Resources link.  They are all available for download as well.

The Evangelist Blessing website is an area on that contains information (text and video) that is focused on people or congregations that are seeking a blessing. This is a great place to send someone who inquires about what is an evangelist blessing.

Preparing to Give a Blessing

The Sacrament of Evangelist Blessing Guidelines gives some good background about this sacrament, how to begin the process of preparation, and information about the different types of blessings.  

This preparation form is a helpful tool that you can share with those seeking a blessing. The questions are great discussion starters and can help you get to know the individual better through their answers.

After a Blessing

After performing a blessing, evangelists are asked to fill out this simple online report form to share some basic information about that particular blessing.