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Generosity Cycle

Generosity Cycle

The Generosity Cycle spans six weeks typically leading into the season of Advent. The Disciples’ Generous Response moments during these six weeks are focused on the Invite, Discover, Respond and Reflect phases of the Generosity Cycle.

Seasons are defining moments in time when we intentionally focus on what is happening. Seasons cause us to remember similar times in the past, to be present in currently unfolding events, and to consider the future with hope and expectation.

For six weeks, the Generosity Cycle allows us to journey together through a season of generosity. During this season, focus is on the four phases of the Generosity Cycle:  Invite, Discover, Respond and Reflect. This is a season where we are invited to remember God’s extravagant grace and generosity, to discover a deeper joy in discipleship living Christ’s mission, and to respond through whole-life stewardship by intentionally pausing and reflecting on our journey as generous disciples.