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Event App for World Conference

An Event App to Help Navigate World Conference

The World Conference Planning Team is excited to launch the 2016 World Conference event app for smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. It’s free and available in English, French, and Spanish. Great for attendees and for staying connected to the event remotely.

App features include: schedule, registration, preparation materials, important documents and resolutions, info booth, and more. You will have the option to log in so you can create personalized schedules and mark documents as favorites. 

If you registered to receive electronic materials, they will be delivered through the Documents link on the app. Once downloaded, the app functions offline and will not require WIFI access. Daily bulletins will be posted each evening, so you can update your app at night or in the morning to have the most current material. 

This app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices. It can also be viewed through any Internet browser at  

Download the event app today! 

Using Digital WC2016 Materials - Quick Tips for Success

(Printable PDF Instruction Sheet)

If you registered for digital/electronic materials, here are a few quick tips to make sure your experience is a smooth one! 

Download the WC2016 Event App

  • All electronic delegate materials will be delivered through the free event app. 
  • Download app at links above.  

WIFI is not available in the Auditorium Chamber

  • Download World Conference booklets/materials using WIFI before you come or use your cellular data plan.
  • Cellular service in the Auditorium Chamber is spotty. Download needed documents to your device so you don’t have to count on accessing them through cellular service. 

Offline Features of the WC2016 Event App

  • If your device is completely disconnected from WIFI and cellular service, you will still be able to access all but two features of the app. 
    • Documents (can be downloaded to your device)
    • Social Media links
  • To test how the app functions offline, put your device in “Airplane Mode” so there is no WIFI or cellular connection. 

How to Download Documents for Offline Use

  • While connected to WIFI or cellular service, open the World Conference event app and click on the Documents tab. (See checklist for documents to download at the end of this message.)

  • iOS Devices 
    • Click on a document.Open and save in iBooks, or where you prefer to store PDFs. 
    • See example in PDF.

  • Android Devices
    • When you click on a document, it will automatically download to your device. Find My Files or the download location you specified to see those documents. 
    • See example in PDF.

  • Document Navigation 
    • The PDF files have bookmarks and Contents pages are hyperlinked to aid in navigating through these document files. 

Pre-Conference Download Checklist

These items are included in the printed materials. So all delegates have access to the same materials, please download the following before Opening Session on Saturday, June 4: 

  • Delegate Seating Chart
  • Program book
  • Schedule and Events book
  • Legislation book
  • Financials book
  • Hymnal
  • Bulletin: Saturday/Sunday
  • Pathway to Abundant Generosity

Worship bulletins will be posted for download as soon as they are available. 

All future daily Bulletins will be posted before midnight for the following day and can be downloaded in the morning. If other documents have been posted, a list will show up in the alert so you’ll know what to download.