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Evangelist Tips and Tools

Evangelist Tips and Tools

These tips and tools offer practical helps and theoretical background as you fulfill your ministry as an evangelist.

For Ordination

  • The pre-ordination material, Ministry of the Evangelist, is available for purchase through Herald House. 
  • This bulletin insert can be shared in the program at the ordination service for a new evangelist.

Blessing - Background and Purpose

Blessing - Recording a Blessing

  • After performing a blessing, evangelists are asked to fill out this simple online report form to share some basic information about that particular blessing. 
  • You can use this Order of Evangelists letterhead template to create a printed copy of the blessing for the recipient. 

Ongoing Ministry Reflection

  • The evangelist ministry plan is a very helpful tool as you review your current ministry and make plans for future expansion and magnification of your calling.

Materials to Share With Others

  • There are a number of resources that can help you share about the evangelist blessing with people who may be seeking. The Resources link will give you a complete listing of materials available both for download or for purchase through Herald House. These include brochures, booklets, and videos.
  • You will also see a section of the website that is entirely focused on those seeking information about a blessing. This is another great location to send people who have questions about the ministry and blessing that you can provide.