Community of Christ

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Dome & Spire

Dome & Spire

Community of Christ supports Christ's mission through the fine arts and houses two exceptional organs at its International Headquarters.

Independence, Missouri, is one of the only places in the world where you’ll find two magnificent musical instruments in side-by-side, visually-stunning, truly unique architectural spaces. This setting unites these splendid instruments.

The 113-rank Aeolean Skinner organ, created in 1959, stands as a focal point under the 6,000-seat Auditorium’s dome. The Temple Sanctuary’s spire reaches 300 feet in the air, and is home to the 102-rank Casavant organ, created in 1993.

Dome & Spire ensures these instruments create musical inspiration; provide opportunities for musicians, students, teachers, and engineers; maintains two beautiful venues for audiences to experience the grandeur of the organs; and offers events that are open to people from all over the globe to experience fine arts and learn about the marvelous instrument that is the organ.