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Disciples' Generous Response Guidelines

Listen to the testimonies of those responding generously. Follow your soul’s yearning to come home to God’s grace and generosity. Let gratitude show you the way.

—Doctrine and Covenants 165:2b

Generosity begins with gratitude

Our ability to be generous emerges from a spirit of thankfulness and not the burden of indebtedness. When we are “vulnerable to divine grace” (Doctrine and Covenants 163:10), we are open to receive God’s blessings. When we regularly see and recognize God’s abundant gifts in our lives, we want to respond and grow in our discipleship. When we are generous as God is generous, we release Jesus Christ’s mission to touch many lives around the world.

World Conference Resolution 1314 which was adopted at the 2016 World Conference includes the statement:

Stewardship is whole-life response to God’s grace and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Seeing all of life as a gift from God is a choice of faithful disciples. Stewardship is a whole-life response that springs forth from us once we choose to receive God’s grace and love as demonstrated through Jesus Christ.

If stewardship is a response to Jesus Christ that leads to using our whole life to build God’s kingdom, then another expression for whole-life stewardship is whole life response. Our whole-life response in living Christ’s mission is how we create God’s vision of Shalom. As we practice faithful whole-life stewardship, we grow in our capacity to generously respond. Whole-life stewardship is not focused on just a portion of our life. Instead it invites us to generously use everything for God’s purposes.

The six principles of a Disciple’s Generous Response help us grow into—and expand—our true capacity as faithful stewards who generously use everything for God’s purposes:

  • Receive God’s Gifts
  • Respond Faithfully
  • Align Heart and Money
  • Share Generously
  • Save Wisely
  • Spend Responsibly