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Seasons of the Spirit

Disciple Formation - Seasons of the Spirit

Seasons of the Spirit™ (SeasonsENCORE) 

A lectionary-based ecumenical resource

Seasons of the Spirit™ is written by an international, ecumenical group of editors and writers who adopted a discernment process for decision-making and product development. It uses the lectionary to integrate Bible education and worship, and is designed for both formal and informal, traditional and non-traditional church settings.

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We fully support this series for use in the church, and believe it will deeply enrich members and friends. We are confident the mission of Community of Christ will be strengthened through the study of these materials. After careful review by our staff, we have determined that Seasons of the Spirit aligns with the identity, message, and mission of the church. Its Christ-centered focus, thoughtful use of the lectionary (which aligns with our Worship Resources), faithful interpretation of the Bible, and creative approach to discipleship formation is in harmony with the Enduring Principles and Basic Beliefs of our movement.” —Excerpts from First Presidency Letter

Seasons of the Spirit is outstanding. The lessons are deeply grounded in solid contemporary scholarship, and at the same time attuned to key discipleship principles and important spiritual formation issues and practices.” —Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith, Disciple Formation Ministries in Scripture and Theology