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Daily Prayer for Peace — 09 June

Daily Prayer for Peace — 09 June


Gathering in Silence

Call to Prayer

Lighting of Candle


In the name of Jesus Christ, welcome to this service of peace. “The rise of Zion the beautiful, the peaceful reign of Christ, awaits your wholehearted response to the call to make and steadfastly hold to God’s covenant of peace in Jesus Christ.”

—Doctrine and Covenants 164:9b.

Today in our prayers we remember the people of Lesotho [luh-SOO-too], located in southern Africa completely surrounded by the country of South Africa.

Scripture Reading—Psalm 16:1-2, 7-8

Protect me, O God, for in you I take refuge.

I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord;

  I have no good apart from you.”[a]

I bless the LORD who gives me counsel;

  in the night also my heart instructs me.

I keep the LORD always before me;

  because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

Prayer for Peace

Author: Bruce Lindgren

O God of Peace, we gather together today to share our concerns for peace in the world you have created. Your kind and loving Spirit have richly blessed us, and we know that we have possessions and comforts that are beyond the imagining of many of the people in your world. At the same time, we are restless, knowing that true peace and true comfort come only from you.

Help us, O God, to hear the cries of the unfortunate and the oppressed. May we seek to understand them as your son, Jesus, would understand them. Help us to understand the lack of peace is within ourselves and within those, we meet. Help us to bring peace to each other. Help us to understand those who live in fear. Help us find ways to share your peace with those who are far from us and those who are close by.

Teach us, O God, to be instruments of your peace. Encourage us to be close to each other and closer to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Today’s hymn is “This Is God's Wondrous World” number 136 in Community of Christ Sings. Sing or silently reflect on the meaning of the text.

Prayers of the People

As we enter a time of guided prayer, meditation, and musical reflection, you are invited to offer silent prayers or meditate during the moments of quiet. The context for our Prayers of the People begin with ourselves and move outward, in rippling waves to those we know and love, to strangers and enemies, to the entire world, to all of creation.

Will you join with me in this time of prayer and meditation acknowledging your soul’s yearning for God’s presence and peace? Silently join your heart with God’s.


O God of love, grant us your peace. We struggle with insecurities and fears, weighed down with issues that affect our sense of worth and wholeness. Grant us peace that calms the inner turmoil of our souls and affirms that we are beloved.


O God of life, grant us your peace. We strive for relationships that are fair, equitable and filled with compassion, yet we often find ourselves enslaved in conflicts with others, even those we love. Grant us the strength to listen with our hearts first that we may grow in deeper connection with those whom we call friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family.


O God of hope, grant us your peace. We have grown weary of the sounds of war, violence, oppression and diminishment of men, women and children, yet we fail to heed your urgent invitation to act for justice. Grant us the courage to extend our hands in acts of mercy, service, and peacemaking. We remember all nations, including Lesotho, the country we pray for today.


O God of all creation, grant us your peace. We understand that we are made of the same substance as all living things, yet fail to grasp your vision of the sacredness of creation. Make us more aware and weave us into oneness. Grant us a glimpse of your love for creation in all its forms and the compassion to act in ways that respect and honor the genius of your universe.


O God of peace, we offer ourselves as vessels of your grace and peace, so that from where we stand, waves of your loving presence will emanate to bless your world. In and through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

Musical Reflection

Sending Forth

Live simply. Value others.

Honor the Earth. Walk in sacred footsteps.

Go in peace.