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Daily Prayer for Peace — 08 December

Daily Prayer for Peace — 08 December

Sierra Leonemap

Gathering in Silence

Call to Prayer

Lighting of Candle


In the name of Jesus Christ, welcome to this sacred space where we are called to, “above all else, strive to be faithful to Christ’s vision of the peaceable Kingdom of God on earth. Courageously challenge cultural, political, and religious trends that are contrary to the reconciling and restoring purposes of God. Pursue peace.”

—Doctrine and Covenants 163:3b

Today in our prayers we remember the people of Sierra Leone (see+AIR+uh+lee+OHN), located in West Africa bordered by Liberia, Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. It was the departure point for thousands of west African slaves to be sent across the Atlantic. Freetown, it’s capital, was founded as a home for repatriated former slaves in 1787.

Scripture Reading—2 Peter 3:11b-15

Since all these things are to be dissolved in this way, what sort of persons ought you to be in leading lives of holiness and godliness,  waiting for and hastening[a] the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be set ablaze and dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire? But, in accordance with his promise, we wait for new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness is at home. Therefore, beloved, while you are waiting for these things, strive to be found by him at peace, without spot or blemish; and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation. So also our beloved brother Paul wrote to you according to the wisdom given him,

Prayer for Peace

Audrey Stubbart

Creator of all that was, is and ever will be.

Friend of the friendless,

Lover of the unlovely,

And Father of us all.

Look on us in our hours of warring with the evils that beset us and help us pause in our busy lives to bring peace in our own lives and hearts, in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our communities.

When the war’s destruction in the Middle East,

When the condition of the women and minorities,

When the greed of powerful corporations,

When the hunger of the homeless,

When the ache of the mother and father of the child on drugs or with AIDS,

When the victims of gang and drive-by shootings,

When the bereaved and burdened suffering hurts us as much as it hurts them,

Then we will have the beginnings of peace that will make it possible for the peace that passes understanding to come to us.

To that end we offer this prayer today.

“Peace perfect peace

In this dark world of sin;

The voice of Jesus

Whispers ‘Peace, peace within’.”

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Today’s hymn is “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” number 101 in Community of Christ Sings. Sing or silently reflect on the meaning of the text.

Prayers of the People

As we enter a time of guided prayer, meditation, and musical reflection, you are invited to offer silent prayers or meditate during the moments of quiet. The Prayers of the People will begin with individuals and groups, then move out from this Temple of peace to include the human family and the planet.

You are invited to join in prayer and meditation as you close your eyes and imagine yourself held in God’s loving hands. Be aware of your current needs, known to you and the one who calls you by your name.


God of my life, may I receive your love, peace, and healing.


Imagine someone who is close to you being held in God’s loving hands. Perhaps this person is a good friend or someone with whom you are struggling.

God of relationships, may this person receive your love, peace, and healing.


Envision all the people of the world, every nation and tribe, every town and village. Imagine those that live in oneness, as well as those ravaged by war and violence.

God of all peoples, may these communities receive your love, peace, and healing. We remember all nations, including Sierra Leone, the country we pray for today.


Behold all that God has created. See the beauty of the Earth. Recognize the brokenness and destruction we have caused. Imagine all the beauty and the damage held in God’s loving hands.

God of creation, may this planet receive your love, peace, and healing.


May this spirit of peace and compassion for ourselves, others, all people, and the Earth remain alive in us this day. Amen.

Musical Reflection

Sending Forth

Take the peace you have found today in this sacred space with you into the world—renewed and inspired to act.

Go in peace.