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Daily Prayer for Peace — 07 July

Daily Prayer for Peace — 07 July


Gathering in Silence

Call to Prayer

Lighting of Candle


In the name of Jesus Christ, welcome to this time of prayer. The “Temple calls the entire church to become a sanctuary of Christ’s peace, where people from all nations, ethnicities, and life circumstances can be gathered into a spiritual home without dividing walls.”

—Doctrine and Covenants 163:8c

Today in our prayers we remember the people of Bolivia, located in western Central South America. Bolivia is the largest landlocked country in the Americas. One-third of this nation is the Andean mountain range.

Scripture Reading—Isaiah 26:3-4

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace—

  in peace because they trust in you.

Trust in the Lord forever,

  for in the Lord God

  you have an everlasting rock.

Prayer for Peace

Helen Lents

Great God, Creator and Sustainer,

Today I shared tears of joy with a loved one who had lost a sense of your Presence—and had again found you.

Today I shed tears for one I care deeply about whose life has been devastated by greed, dishonesty and deceit.

Today I saw trust in the eyes of a smiling child.

Today my tears flowed freely for innocent blood being spilled because of deep-seated hatred and distrust.

Today I saw hope in the face of one who had received a helping hand amid despair.

Today I felt fear in the company of fellow human sojourners.

Today I experienced support and felt strengthened in the companionship of concerned and caring others.

Today I felt the pain of loneliness and grief.

Today I saw beauty in the new life of spring.

Today I was blessed by outstretched hands and open arms.

Gracious God, we live in a world of confusion—of hills and valleys, hope and despair, calm and confusion, distress and peace of mind. How great is our need for your loving presence in our lives that our souls shall be at peace and our minds enlightened that we may be joyful servants in our task of seeking and sharing peace for your world.

We ask for your guidance to renew vision of what may be—and for faith and courage that we may persevere as builders of your earthly kingdom.

We ask for your blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Amen.


Today’s hymn is “Draw the Circle Wide” number 273 in Community of Christ Sings. Sing or silently reflect on the meaning of the text.

Prayers of the People

As we enter a time of guided prayer, meditation, and musical reflection, you are invited to offer silent prayers or meditate during the moments of quiet. The Prayers of the People this day begin with ourselves and then, enlarging life’s circle, move outward to include those we know and love, to strangers and enemies, to the entire world, and to all of creation.

Please join with me in today’s prayer and meditation; quiet your breathing and embrace God’s eternal grace as you become aware of your own responses to the guided prayers of the people.


God, you are the still point of the circle within which all creation is found. I yearn to connect with your spirit of peace and experience the companionship of your presence in this moment. May I abide in the center of creation’s circle with you?


Creator of horizons, help us draw the circle wider to include those I know and love, and even those I struggle to understand and accept. Fill this circle with the gifts of forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and peace. Give us the desire to include all whose paths cross ours into a place where acceptance is offered freely. Draw our circle wider.


Giver of dreams, let the peace we’ve dreamed of expand to embrace all your children. We remember all nations, including Bolivia, the country we pray for today. Within this circle may we see the other as brother and sister, and act as mutual stewards of one another. You call us to live without borders that exclude. Help us to draw the circle wider still.


God of all living things, your world longs to be whole and in harmony. The dream of shalom includes caregiving for the water, earth, air and all that has life in one great family. You created us with interdependencies. Give us mutual respect and tender care for all. Let this be our song: Nothing on your created Earth stands alone, but lives in shalom with all other living things. Draw the circle wide open.


Architect of life and peace, may we be blessed by your vision of shalom this day. May our minds, hearts, and spirits be wide enough for all to find a home. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, God’s shalom. Amen.

Musical Reflection

Sending Forth

May blessings of peace

Be realized today

Through the Source, Savior, and Spirit.

Go in peace.

Susan Naylor,