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Daily Prayer for Peace — 01 January

Daily Prayer for Peace — 01 January

All Nations

Gathering in Silence 

Call to Prayer 

Lighting of Candle


In the name of Jesus Christ, welcome to this sacred space where we are called to, “above all else, strive to be faithful to Christ’s vision of the peaceable Kingdom of God on earth. Courageously challenge cultural, political, and religious trends that are contrary to the reconciling and restoring purposes of God. Pursue peace.”  

—Doctrine and Covenants 163:3b 

Today in our prayers we remember the people of all Nations. We pray today for peace for each person within and among every nation of our world. At times we are overwhelmed by human conflict resulting in the violence of war, poverty and oppression. In praying for peace, we hold all of the nations of the world in our hearts and strive to be instruments of God’s mercy, compassion, and love in this world that God so dearly loves. As the joy of Christmas lingers and the New Year lies before us, may we reflect on the wonder of God in our midst, and recommit to God’s promise of hope and love to a world longing for just and lasting peace. 

Scripture Reading—Helaman 2:112 

And there came a voice to them, a pleasant voice, as if it were a whisper, saying, “Peace, peace be to you because of your faith in my well beloved, who was from the foundation of the world.” 

Prayer for Peace 

Lu Mountenay 

Creator God, Creating still, 

We seek your shalom, 

we are vulnerable to your grace, 

we embrace your peace, 

all so freely given. 

This broken world, God, hurts deeply. 

The earth-tears tear at our heart. 

You are our only hope in this war-torn, 

unjust world. You are our healer and teacher. 

Teach us, again, how to bring peace. 

Teach us, again, how to use this temple 

so symbolic of your peace, 

so hands-on instrumental for your peace. 

At this time of revitalization, 

re-enthuse our efforts to  

share peace; 

make, build, reveal peace; 

honor, follow, strengthen peace; 

learn and teach peace,  

live and embody peace. 

to be a sanctuary of Christ’s peace— 

within ourselves, in our families, in our communities and 

around the world. Amen.


Today’s hymn is “This Is a Day of New Beginnings” number 495 in Community of Christ Sings. Sing or silently reflect on the meaning of the text.

Prayers of the People 

As we enter a time of guided prayer, meditation, and musical reflection, you are invited to offer silent prayers or meditate during the moments of quiet. The Prayers of the People begin with individuals and groups, then move out from this Temple of peace to include the human family and the planet. 

Allow yourself to come reverently into the presence of the Divine and please join with me in prayer. Transformative encounters await you here with the Eternal Creator and Reconciler. 


Creator God, cleanse our hearts. Accept the confession of our flaws and failures, and make us whole. Transform us, O God, into the persons of peace and grace you created us to be. 


Redeeming God, bring to our awareness those persons and relationships that are broken, and make us conscious of the need for reconciliation and forgiveness. Transform us for relationships of wholeness once again. 


Saving God, allow us to feel your love and concern for your children in communities around the world, far and near. As we start the new year, we remember all nations. May we weep with your tears and act with compassion to heal those who are suffering. 


God of all creation, stir within us a deep connection with everything you have created; make us aware of the sacred nature of all that surrounds us and lead us into deep reverence that cultivates nurturing actions. 


May these prayers of concern, compassion, and transformation for ourselves, others, all people, and the Earth lead us into a world shaped by your unconditional love, O God. Amen.

Musical Reflection 

Sending Forth 

Cherish inner peace. Honor relationships. 

Become communities of love, joy, hope, and peace. 

Go in peace. 

Susan Naylor,