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Daily Bread Writers Guide

Daily Bread Writers Guide and Submission Form

Have you been inspired by one of the Daily Bread stories? Send in your story and be an inspiration to others.

Guidelines For Writing

  • Maximum Length: 300 words
  • Write from your own context to a global audience. Members and Friends from around the world subscribe to Daily Bread. Be mindful of culturally specific references and images as you write. 
  • Write in your own voice, as a representative of Community of Christ. Daily Bread is a ministry of Community of Christ, which seeks to embody the identity, message, mission, and beliefs of the church through diverse expression of voices and stories. For further guidance review our Who We Are webpage
  • It is important that the writing be your own work, using only very general paraphrases of copyrighted materials, if at all. The sources of any specific quotes must be referenced in detail.
  • The Daily Bread editing team chooses the daily scripture and spiritual practice. You do not need to include these with your story, but you are welcome to suggest a scripture if it has relevance for your story.
  • All material submitted is subject to editing and approval, and will be copyrighted by Community of Christ for use including, but not limited to, print, film, electronic media, and reproduction or digital representation on the internet. 

Focus Questions for Story Submissions: 

Please indicate which focus question you are responding to when submitting your story.  

  • Advent: When have you experienced holy anticipation in your spiritual journey?
  • Lent: How are you being formed by the gospel message of radical simplicity? 
  • Easter: When have you witnessed or experienced the promise of resurrection? 
  • Ordinary Time: When have you noticed the Spirit amid ordinary, daily life? 

Submission Form