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Ideas for Youth

Creation - Ideas for Youth

Sacredness of Creation

We join with God as stewards of care and hope for all creation.

Creative Psalm Writing

Psalm 104:10–14, 16–25, 30

“Morning Has Broken” CCS 143

Read Psalm 104:10–14, 16–25, 30. How do these verses describe creation? Write your own psalm about the “sacredness of creation” and caring for the earth.  Include a simile or metaphor that compares something in creation to God; recall a time when you witnessed a healing of the earth or creation and write about it; share something specific you are concerned about and include a short prayer about this; praise God using vivid expressions from nature; tell what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown; and finally, create a name for your psalm—is there a theme to tie it together? Be creative.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Doctrine and Covenants 163:4b, c

“Touch the Earth Lightly” CCS 137

Paper, plastic, and cardboard packaging contributes to the global problem of waste, litter, and environmental decay. Which items or food products in your daily life have the most packaging?  How can you reduce the packaging you throw away by reusing or recycling? Are there alternatives you could use to reduce waste? For example, a dish towel instead of paper towels, a reusable water bottle rather than plastic disposable bottles.

Action Challenge

As a class, walk through your church building. In what ways is your congregation reducing, reusing, and recycling? Do you see additional opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Talk with the pastor or a congregational leader about implementing your ideas.

Key words: creation, sacred, sacredness, environment, stewards, ecology, recycling