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Ideas for Young Children

Creation - Ideas for Young Children

Sacredness of Creation

Dirty Water

Key Concept: We help God take care of creation.

Scripture: Genesis 1:31, Doctrine and Covenants 163:4b

Song: “God of Creation” Community of Christ Sings #147
            Sing first two lines of the first verse plus the refrain

Place an attractive rock in a tall clear bowl and fill it two-thirds full of water. Add a small plastic frog, fish, or turtle. Talk with the children about all the creatures that live in the water. Discuss what those creatures must feel like when people don’t take care of the water. Pour bits of torn newspaper into the water and ask how the creatures might feel when we litter their home. Pour some red, purple, or brown colored soda pop or fruit drink into the water. Have they ever found a soda pop can in a lake or river? Next, pour soot or dirt into the water. Explain that factories sometimes put junk like that in the water. Ask if they think the fish, frogs, and turtles like living in this water. Would they want to drink this water? Give children a glass of clean water to drink. Talk about how we can partner with God by taking care of the water in the lakes and streams near our homes.

Challenge:  Invite children (and families) to a picnic near a lake or stream. Walk together along the shore. Look for living things in and around the water. Pick up trash and throw away.

Keywords: creation, pollution, environment, object lesson

Noticing God

Key Concept: We can see God in creation.

Scripture: Isaiah 40:28

Song: “God Made the Land“

(Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”  From Sharing in Community of Christ: Ages 3–5, by Tiffany Jackson)

God made the land, and God made the sea. (Hold hands out, palms down)
God made it all, and God loves me. (Arms wide, then point to self)
God made day and the sun so bright. (Touch fingertips overhead)
God made the moon and the stars at night. (Wiggle fingers for twinkling stars)
God made the land, and God made the sea. (Hold hands out, palms down)
God made it all, and God loves me. (Arms wide, then point to self)

Set up a special table or shelf for displaying a “noticing God collection.” Talk to the children about finding something that is special to add. Take a walk through nature to begin the collection. Look at all the things God has created. Be sure to mention each person on the walk. Let everyone gather one thing to bring back to the collection. Tell them to collect things that make them think of God. You don’t need to define it any further than that. Have each person add their item to the noticing collection. Items might be a flower, a rock, or a shell. But it could also be a piece of rope, a ribbon, or a squeeze ball. It doesn’t matter if the item is from nature or made by people. What matters is that it is beautiful or special to that person. Then talk together about the things you noticed and why they were special to you. Why did it make you think of God? This activity is a way of being mindful of God’s presence in our world.

Challenge: Encourage parents and children to do this activity at home as a family. Uphold God’s presence by adding to the collection each day.

Keywords: creation, object lesson, nature