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Creation - Ideas for Adults

Sacredness of Creation

We join with God as stewards of care and hope for all creation.

Earth Stewardship Challenge

Psalm 104:10–11, 14, 30
Doctrine and Covenants 163:4b
“A Charge to Keep I Have” CCS 537

Each person has a responsibility and the ability to care for the Earth, natural resources, and all of creation. Teach, inspire, and act to show how Community of Christ cares and models stewardship.

Action: As a group, congregation, or community, take on an Earth stewardship challenge. Use the checklist below to develop a plan to use less, reduce waste, and acquire wisely.

Green Homes, Congregations, Campgrounds, and Other Buildings

Use Less
____Conduct energy audits of buildings
____Plug air and water leaks (increase insulation in walls and ceilings, water heater, and pipes)
____Use a programmable heating and cooling thermostat
____Install energy-efficient lighting and equipment and turn off or unplug when not in use

Reduce Garbage and Waste
____Reduce disposable items (paper, plastic and Styrofoam plates and cups)
____Recycle and repurpose
____Reduce disposable items (disposable diapers, plates, excess packaging)
____Compost organic waste from the kitchen and yard
____Carpool, walk, ride bicycles, or use public transportation
____Dispose of hazardous materials (paints, batteries, oil) safely
____Use biodegradable cleaners and other products
____Eat lower on the food chain (less meat, eggs, and dairy products more organic fruits and vegetables)
____Plant native trees and flowers and use natural pest repellents, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers
____Participate in or organize community and neighborhood clean-up projects, Earth Day activities, or environmental fairs

Acquire Wisely
____Buy reusable, recycled, and non-toxic supplies and decorations (such as, refillable pens and pencils).
____Buy what is needed, not what is wanted and choose products with longest life possible
____Use things more than once and carefully maintain them

Keywords: stewardship, creation, Earth, recycle, missional, mission

Honor Creation with Yarn and Harmony

2 Corinthians 5:17
“Restless Weaver” CCS 145

Knitting and crocheting can become a lifelong skill and a way to create harmony. It can bring you peace and calm—as a tool for meditation; handmade natural-fiber projects make wonderful gifts for others and can open conversation about the Sacredness of Creation.

Action: Try this simple crochet pattern and set aside time to meditate on the Sacredness of Creation.

Keywords: craft, crochet, practice, meditation, personal, spiritual

Observing the Sacredness of Creation

Isaiah 40:28
“My Savior Said That I Should Be” CCS 589

What intentional steps do you take each day to observe the Sacredness of Creation? Each time you recycle a bottle are you aware of the choice you are making? How do your choices have an impact on your neighbors here or far away? This month think about the world around you and choose to take one new step in joining God as a steward of care and hope for all creation.

Action: Each month, add one more environmentally friendly practice to your daily life.

Keywords: environment, creation, recycle, personal, relationships