Community of Christ

COVID-19  Ongoing Response

Covid Response in USA

Mission Center leaders and leadership teams in the USA are working closely with their apostles to navigate the reopening process for congregations and campgrounds. The links and documents below are specific to mission centers and campgrounds in the USA. If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, please contact your mission center leaders. 

Preparing to Reopen Community of Christ Campgrounds in the USA


Use of Community of Christ campgrounds by Community of Christ groups and other groups will follow the same criteria as Preparing to Reopen In-person Congregation Gatherings.

Additional details are available:

Updated Reopening Guidelines for USA Congregations  


Community of Christ congregations in the USA have updated guidelines for reopening. Details and supporting documents are available:

Worship Elements for Use When Congregations Reopen


Worship Ministries has created elements for use when the time is right to gather physically for services called Sacred Togetherness Again—A New Journey. Six weeks of proposed worship elements begin the new journey. Leaders may choose to use a few in worship planning or incorporate all the elements each week.