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Council of Twelve Apostles

Council of Twelve Apostles

Members of the Council of Twelve Apostles are high priests called and ordained to be special missionary witnesses. Assigned by the First Presidency, they carry major responsibility for church expansion, and serve as administrative supervisors of field jurisdictions.

Barbara L. Carter
Southeast USA Mission Field

Bountiful USA Mission Center
Brush Creek USA Mission Center
Florida USA Mission Center
Kentucky-Indiana USA Mission Center
South Central States USA Mission Center
Southeast USA Mission Center
Western Ohio USA Mission Center

Ecumenical and Interfaith officer
SPECTACULAR and International Youth Forum

Bunda C. Chibwe
Central and West Africa Mission Field and South-Central Asia Mission Field

Congo Katanga Mission Center
Congo West Kinshasa Mission Center
Ivory Coast and Togo Mission Center 
Nigeria Mission Center 
Andhra Pradesh India Mission Center 
Buripadar India Mission Center 
Chandragiri India Mission Center 
Kaliburi India Mission Center 
Kenduguda India Mission Center 
Kotagarh India Mission Center 
Mohana India Mission Center 
Nepal Mission Center
South India Green Valley Mission Center 

Janné C. Grover
Central USA Mission Field

Central USA Mission Center
Central Missouri USA Mission Center
Far West USA Mission Center
Gateway USA Mission Center
Midlands USA Mission Center 
Mid-South Mission Center

Director of Formation Ministries

Ronald D. Harmon Jr.
Western USA and Baja California Mexico Mission Field

Arizona USA Mission Center
Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center
Pacific Southwest International Mission Center
Rocky Mountain USA Mission Center
Sierra Pacific USA Mission Center

President of the Council of Twelve Apostles

Richard C.N. James
Eurasia Mission Field

British Isles Mission
Western Europe Mission Center
Eurasia Mission Centre

Council of Twelve Apostles Secretary
Special Mission Project with Multi-nations Apostles Team 

Robin K. Linkhart
North Central USA Mission Field

Cedar Valley-Nauvoo USA Mission Center
Chicago USA Mission Center
Headwaters USA Mission Center
Inland West USA Mission Center
Lamoni Heartland USA Mission Center
Prairie Bluff USA Mission Center

Restoration Heritage Seeker Ministries

Lachlan E. Mackay
Northeast USA Mission Field

Chesapeake Bay USA Mission Center
Eastern Great Lakes USA Mission Center
Michigan USA Mission Center
Mid-Atlantic USA Mission Center
New England USA Mission Center

Historic Sites Director
Church History and Sacred Story Ministries Team Lead

Catherine C. Mambwe
West, South and East Africa Mission Field

Liberia and Sierra Leone Mission Center
Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa Mission Center
Malawi Mission Center
Kenya Mission Center

Carlos Enrique Mejia 
Central and South America Field

Central America Mission Center
Brazil Mission Center
Southern Cone of South America Mission Center
Northwest South America Mission Center

Dave H.M. Nii
South Central USA Mission Field

Alabama-Northwest Florida USA Mission Center
Ark-La-Tex USA Mission Center
Coastal Bend USA Mission Center
Gulf USA Mission Center
Heart of Texas USA Mission Center
Oklahoma USA Mission Center
Rio Grande USA Mission Center

Arthur E. Smith 
Canada Mission Field, Caribbean and Mexico-Texas Field

Canada East Mission Centre
Canada West Mission Centre
Caribbean Mission Centre
Dominican Republic Mission Center
Haiti Great North Mission Center
Haiti Great South Mission Center
Mexico-Texas Mission Center

Indigenous Peoples Ministry

Mareva M. Arnaud Tchong
Pacifikasia Mission Field

Australia Mission Centre
East Asia Mission Centre
French Polynesia Mission Centre
Pacific Island Mission Centre
Philippine Mission Centre

Ministry of Council of Twelve Apostles

Represent Christ primarily as ministers…

of leading global mission by inviting others to Christ's peace as apostolic witnesses.

Especially proclaim and promote…

God's reign; Christ's mission; and church identity, message, and beliefs in diverse cultural contexts.

Particularly minister with…

groups of disciples and seekers in diverse cultures to share the gospel in relevant ways and to invite response.

Support sacramental ministries by…

interpreting sacramental meaning and application in diverse cultural contexts, presiding at sacramental services, and performing most sacraments.

Promote community by…

promoting holistic "signal communities" of Christ's peace throughout the world.

Promote justice and peacemaking by…

building an international community of congregations as a global witness of Christ's peace.

Create ministry partnerships with…

seventies, high priests, evangelists, bishops, and mission center officers.