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Contributions Update

February Contributions Update

Estimated contributions to Worldwide Mission Tithes in February are $1,075,000. Amid these uncertain and challenging times, church leaders are grateful for those who continue to share generously not only financially but in many other ways. As a community, may we remain committed to working together to support growing needs locally and worldwide.

Even though we are not physically gathering, you can support local and worldwide mission tithes through eTithing. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

January Contributions Update 

Contributions to Worldwide Mission Tithes in January were $850,000 USD. Just a reminder that to sustain existing ministries and programs in 2020, the church needs at least $12 million USD in Worldwide Mission Tithes. We can exceed this by matching last year’s total of $12.9 million. Christ's mission, our mission is sustained both locally and globally by your continued support of mission tithes.

Year-end Contributions Update for 2019

Thank you for your generous response at year's end!

The total for Worldwide Mission Tithes in 2019 was $12.9 million (USD). This was based on receiving $975,000 (USD) in November and $2,150,000 (USD) in December which includes an amazing $575,000 (USD) contributed on Giving Tuesday.

This outpouring of generosity in the last two months means the church was able to exceed the minimum required in 2019 to sustain current programs and ministries. Church leaders are grateful for a generous church that continues to passionately work together to support mission around the world.

October Contributions Update

Giving Tuesday is 3 December. Join in this day of generosity as we work together to increase our support for worldwide mission. The first $150,000 will be doubled through matching dollars. Many thanks to our matching donors!

Contributions for October are estimated at $800,000, which puts the church further behind the 2019 Worldwide Mission Tithes goal. Please prayerfully consider making additional contributions in support of local and worldwide ministries through the end of the year:

  • If you give weekly or monthly, consider making an additional contribution.
  • If you are currently support only Local Mission Tithes, consider adding a gift to support Worldwide Mission Tithes.

You can make a difference. Every additional contribution helps!

Bridge of Hope Total Reaches $65.3 Million

As we close out Fiscal Year 2019, we wanted to provide an additional update on Bridge of Hope through June 30, 2019. Including budget support and additional contributions, $65.3 million has been received. We continue to make great progress toward the goal!