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Ideas for Youth

Community - Ideas for Youth

Blessings of Community

We are called to create communities of Christ’s peace in our families and congregations and across villages, tribes, nations, and throughout creation.

Who Is Community?

1 Corinthians 12:12–31

“Summoned by the God Who Made Us” CCS 330

“Community” is not just those we hang out with. It is everyone around. In what ways might you show compassion and unity with the poor, marginalized, and oppressed? Read “Sacred Community .” What do you think makes a community sacred?

Write Your Own Verse

Doctrine and Covenants 162:6c

“Weave” CCS 327

Read aloud the words to “Bear Each Other’s Burdens” CCS 374, a hymn that focuses on the Blessings of Community. As a group or individual write one more stanza that personalizes the hymn for you or your congregation, expressing your feelings about being blessed by your church community. Arrange for your congregation to sing this hymn (including its new verse) as part of an upcoming worship service. Offer to share the story about how the new verse was created.

Action Challenge
Outreach International  uses the phrase: “To feed the family, nourish the village.” What does that mean in your life and experience? Research some of the villages and communities that Outreach International has an impact on with this philosophy. Share what you’ve learned with others.

Key words: community, compassion, unity