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Ideas for Young Children

Community - Ideas for Young Children

Blessings of Community

We Learn and Grow in Community

Key Concept: We are part of many communities.

Scripture: Mark 3:31-34

Song: “In My Life Lord” Community of Christ Sings #602

Use masking tape to make a large circle on the floor. Have the children stand on the circle. Invite them to walk around the circle several times. Point out that they could keep walking and walking and walking because there is no end to the circle. It could be called “God’s circle of love” because just like the circle, God’s love never ends. Explain that every time they help others they are in God’s circle of love. Every time they receive help they are in God’s circle of love.

Talk about their many different communities. As you name communities (family, school, music, sports team, church, dance class, city or town, country, world) the children will take one step or hop toward the center for each community they are part of. When everyone is in the center, tell them to look around. Everyone is part of one big community and each child has many people who will help them live like Jesus.

Challenge: Talk about the different people in these communities. How do they help each other? How do they help you learn? How do they help you live like Jesus? As part of a community, how does God want you to act towards others?

Keywords: game, lifelong learning, witness, share, love

Practice Hospitality

Key Concept: We welcome others into our community.

Scripture: Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you. —Romans 15:7

Song: “God’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”

Read aloud Romans 12:13: “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” Explain to children there are people everywhere and we are all part of community. To get along with people in community and help one another, we offer hospitality. Hospitality means you welcome people, provide what they need, and treat them with respect. Ask for a volunteer to pretend to knock on your door. Open the imaginary door and say, “Hello [name], please come in. I’m happy you stopped by. Are you thirsty? Would you like a glass of water? What about a piece of fruit?” Ask the children what might happen next. How did the volunteer guest feel? Would the guest thank the host? Let children practice being the host and the guest (in pairs or small groups).

Challenge: Let children help greet people as they come into church.

Keywords: lifelong learning, prayer, witness