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Ideas for All Ages Together

Community - Ideas for All Ages Together

Blessings of Community

We are called to create communities of Christ’s peace.

Give and Receive in Community

1 Corinthians 13:4—14:1
“Sing of Colors” CCS 332

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4—14:1 about what love is, then discuss reaching out to others, being imitators of God, and being gracious with one another.

Use flowers to create an experience of people coming together in Christ-like love, sharing part of their lives, and then going out into the world to touch other lives.

Select a date and ask each person or family to bring a cut flower to church. Place a small table with a large vase near the entrance. (Have extra flowers for those who forgot to bring flowers or did not know to bring them.) When people arrive, ask them to place their flowers in the vase and call to mind the name of someone they care about. At the beginning of the worship service bring the vase to the front. Before the closing prayer, take the vase back to the table by the entrance. As people leave, have them take a flower someone else brought.


God, we thank you for the flowers,
The mix of colors,
The blend of scents,
The beauty of your creation.
As we look at them
We think of people we care about,
People living and dead,
People in this place,
And those far away.
We are thankful for this time
To come together as community
For we are truly blessed
By your enduring love and grace.
The flowers we receive
Will wither and fade,
But as we go from here
We are revived and filled with gladness
For we carry your love in our hearts. Amen

Keywords: Community Spiritual Practice, Shared Experiences in Community

Community Bingo

Ephesians 4:11-13
“Kanisa Litajengwa” CCS 338

Give each person a photocopy of the bingo card and a pencil or pen. As a group, come up with a list of at least 25 things people do as part of the congregation community. (pray, sing, bulletins, offering, teach, cook) As the list is created, each person should randomly choose squares on their bingo card to write in the activity. When finished, no two cards should be exactly the same.

The goal of this game is to learn names with a reference to each one’s involvement in their church or congregational community. Have everyone mingle among the group, asking people to sign a square on their card that describes something they have done. For instance, Betty may have “said a prayer at church (pray),” and Josh “invited a friend (invite friend).” Remember only one signature per square. When the cards are full, or the group appears to be ready to move on, invite everyone to sit at tables. Call out the names of the participants from a list. If the name is written on someone’s bingo card, that person may mark it with a penny, small candy, pencil marking, or other small item. Whenever 5 spaces in a row are covered, players should shout “BINGO” and then read out the names and the activities associated with them.

Action: Encourage everyone to continue to get to know one another.

Keywords: Shared Experiences in Community, Personal Relationships

A Guide for Lent

Join the Lenten journey to seek deeper connection with God and all creation. Use the weekly Lenten practices and daily acts for personal spiritual practice, community worship, small group ministry, and family devotions.