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Ideas for Children

Choices - Ideas for Children

Responsible Choices

We learn to make good choices, decisions that make our world a better place.

Joshua 24:15
Luke 19:1–10

“A Disciple’s Response” by Janné Grover
“Spirit Fill Us” CCS #160

When No One is Watching

Have you ever felt like running away from a responsibility, performing on stage or in a recital, or from a household chore? Read the story of Jonah (you may use the Lectionary Story Bible, Year B, p. 53). What was Jonah running away from? What did he decide to do once he was no longer in the fish’s belly? Integrity means that you do right even when no one is watching you. You follow the rules even if an adult is not around. Find ways to practice this in your home. Clean your room without being asked. Help with the dishes, or do your own laundry. Try doing something nice for your parents when they aren’t looking. See how good it makes you feel to help others! Pray about your least favorite thing to do and ask God’s courage to help you meet your challenge.

Keywords: responsible choices, personal spiritual practices, chore, Jonah, rules

An Unexpected Guest

Read the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1–10 (Lectionary Story Bible, Year C, pp. 218–19). Why did Zacchaeus climb the tree? What was his job? Why did Jesus come to his house? What change happened to Zacchaeus? What choice did he make? Why? If Jesus came to your house, would you decide to make a wise choice? A different choice?Make a “flipper” to remind you of this story. On a 9 in/22 cm paper plate or circle cut out of heavy paper, draw the top part of a tree on one side and Zacchaeus on the other. Punch a hole on opposite sides of the circle, to the left and right of your drawing, and tie a 12 in/30 cm piece of yarn, string, or ribbon in each hole. Hold a piece of string in each hand and quickly twist the strands. Watch as the paper flips back and forth and you will see Zacchaeus sitting in the tree! Retell the story to your friends and neighbors using the flipper.

Keywords: responsible choices, scripture study, Zacchaeus, craft, story