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Ideas for All Ages Together

Choices - Ideas for All Ages Together

Responsible Choices

We are called to make responsible choices that contribute to the purposes of God.

Living in Community

Romans 12:9-13
“Brothers and Sisters of Mine” CCS 616

Read Romans 12:9–13, adapted: “Here is how to live in community: care for others by showing that your love is real; hold onto what is good; love one another with affection; outdo one another in being honorable. Be energetic in spirit, serving the Lord. Be joyful and hopeful, be patient, keep praying. Help others in need; share hospitality with strangers.”

The Enduring Principle Responsible Choices means that God gives us the ability to make choices, and hopes we will make good choices. When we do, we create more good things in the world, we have better friendships, and all of creation is healthier. Invite everyone to think of scripture stories in which good choices were made, and to retell the stories in their own words.

Action: Enter a time of prayer at the end of your day. Consider the choices you made which were helpful to others and to creation. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s guidance and grace.

Keywords: Scripture and Theological Study, Personal Relationships

Responsible Use

Joshua 24:13
“No Obvious Angels” CCS 418

Invite each person in the group to place on a large table one object they own. The objects can be anything from cell phones to car keys, library cards, and money—whatever they have at the moment. Have paper and markers or crayons available for people to draw something they own that can’t be placed on the table. Blindfold each person in turn, turn them around, mix up the table objects, and have them pick up the first object they touch on the table. Have them identify the object, and with the blindfold off, describe an irresponsible use of that object in relation to another person (such as lending your car keys to an underage driver), and then a responsible use of that object. After everyone has had a chance, discuss responsible choices in relationships.

Keywords: Personal Relationships, choices, object lesson