Community of Christ

Child Protection Training

Child Protection Training


The coordinator of the Child Protection Policy is available to provide training in the field. Please contact Legal Services. Wherever possible, we ask that clusters or mission centers request this facilitator for leaders’ events. They then should plan to cascade the training to congregations or groups.   

Core Training

This training is required for anyone wishing to register as a youth worker, that is, anyone wishing to work with children and young people within Community of Christ.  Registration is two-fold: completing the application form and attending the training.  In addition, every English-speaking mission center has a full pack of core training materials.  The PowerPoint is also available in Spanish and French.

The three alternatives for core training:

  1. Live training from the World Church child protection coordinator
  2. Training through the core training pack distributed to mission centers including a DVD of live training by the child protection coordinator.
  3. Shelby codes, recording attendance at courses are available via the mission center.

Available Presentations

The Core Training presentation is intended for informational purposes only. For copyright reasons we are unable to make the whole course available via the website. Please contact your Mission Center for the Core Training pack, which contains a disc of the Child Protection Coordinator teaching this course, a downloadable PowerPoint presentation, script, and additional materials with permissions. Please e-mail or call (816) 833-1000, ext. 2221 Legal Services for more information.

Additional presentations are available on request for:

  • Administrator's Training
  • Boundaries: Working with Children, Young People
  • Community of Christ: Child Protection Overview
  • Camp Counselor Training

The core training slide show handouts are available in French and Spanish by request.

Administrators’ Training

This training module is intended for those who will administer the Child Protection Policy (in particular the youth work registrations) in mission centers. It is available on request from Legal Services and is available in Spanish and French.

Boundaries: Working with Children and Young People

This training module is intended for people who lack experience in working with children and young people. It is also for those who, in the administrator’s view, need more training about the needs and management of children before registration.

Participation in this training may be a requirement after discussion at a special-circumstances meeting.

We advise that anyone on a supervised participation plan take this training.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Use the presentation as part of a group discussion.
  • As 1:1 with a mentor, using the text of the training.

This training is available from Legal Services, and the PowerPoint is available in Spanish and French.