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Child Protection Training

Child Protection Training


Community of Christ offers several types of youth worker trainings.  The Core Training is required for anyone wishing to be a youth worker in Community of Christ.  However, the other trainings are options that can be used to supplement the Core Training or provide additional training when appropriate, based on the circumstances. 

Available training presentations: 

  • Core Training 
  • Administrator's Training 
  • Boundaries Training 
    • Using Good Judgment: Relational Boundaries for Youth Workers 
    • Special Circumstances Boundary Review 
  • Camp Counselor Training 
  • Child Protection: Quick Review for Camp Staffs 

Core Training 

This course covers types of child abuse, strategies for safeguarding youth and preventing abuse, guidance on handling incidents/reporting requirements, and other expectations of youth workers. 

Anyone wishing to work with children and young people within Community of Christ must participate in this course and be registered as a youth worker. Registration is two-fold: completing the application process and attending the required training. Shelby codes to document completion of this training are available via the mission center.

The recommended option for completing the Core training is to attend a live training provided by a facilitator approved by the local mission center and the Office of General Counsel.  If a live training is not available, this training can also be completed by watching the recorded video training included on the DVD in the training pack distributed to mission centers.  Please contact your mission center for more information. 

The Core training course PowerPoint is also available in Spanish and French. (For more information, email David Davis.) 

It is also recommended that all current youth workers attend this course or some other type of child protection review at least once every couple of years to refresh their knowledge and stay up to date on current child protection policies.  

Administrators’ Training 

This training course is intended for church administrators, such as mission center officers, pastors and youth leaders, who will be implementing and administering the Child Protection Policy.  Topics covered in this training include:  youth worker registration procedures; guidance on reporting incidents; Supervised Participation Plans; Special Circumstances Team meetings; and discussion of some frequently asked questions about the policy.  It is available on request from the Office of General Counsel and is available in Spanish and French. 

Boundaries Training 

The Boundaries training is offered in 2 formats, a group training titled Using Good Judgment and an individual training titled Special Circumstances Boundary Review.   

Using Good Judgment: Relational Boundaries for Youth Workers is a group training intended to provide additional information to youth workers who lack experience in working with children and young people, as well as a more in-depth discussion of expectations for youth workers related to exercising good judgment and maintaining appropriate boundaries in interpersonal relationships.   

Special Circumstances Boundary Review is an individualized training intended for use with those who, in the church administrator’s view, need more training related to establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries when working with children and youth.  Participation in this training will likely be a requirement for anyone whose youth worker status has been suspended or revoked.  We also recommend this training for those who require a Supervised Participation Plan. 

Camp Counselor Training 

This training course is intended to help individuals who will volunteer as camp counselors, CITs and staff to prepare for the camping experience. This course outlines good practice for staff at camps, helps staff understand some of the interpersonal dynamics at camp, and raises awareness of practical aspects of being a camp counselor. 

Child Protection: Quick Review for Camp Staffs 

This training course is intended for use with camp counselors and staff members.  It should be provided before the start of the camping season or as part of the staff training immediately prior to a camp.  This course includes a review of key child protection topics from the Core Training, as well as an abbreviated look at important concepts from the Camp Counselor and Boundaries Training.