Community of Christ

Supervised Participation Plan

Child Protection - Supervised Participation Plan

Preparing for a Supervised Participation Plan

Community of Christ welcomes all into the fellowship of the church. For some, however, guidance must be in place in order to attend a congregation. Those who will require a documented plan include:

  • Registered sex offenders.
  • Those awaiting trial for alleged sexual crimes against children.
  • Those who confess to or are convicted of sexual crimes against children who are placed on probation or released from prison.
  • There may be other offenses for which modified Supervised Participation Plans would be required. Contact Legal Services if you are in any doubt about the scope of this.

A supervised participation plan should be in place for life for those who confess to or are convicted of sex crimes against children and should be reviewed at regular intervals (recommendation is annual).

A template for the plan is available from Legal Services.

It is helpful if the congregation is consulted and in some situations the congregation may be involved in its formation. This will assure congregants that children will be safe at all times while allowing the perpetrator or alleged perpetrator to experience Christian worship.

If in doubt about the content of the plan or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Legal Services.