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Child Protection

Child Protection

Protecting our children is not an optional code of conduct. It is an opportunity to live out our Christian stewardship in a practical way—by protecting those most vulnerable in our society.

A primary concern to Community of Christ is protecting children throughout the worldwide fellowship of the church and ensuring they have the basic human rights to which they are entitled. Cultural influences may affect how we process our child protection policy, but it is our ultimate aim to protect all children and young people in our care.

Since the 1980s faith communities have experienced more and more allegations of abuse. Based on the statistics, our church is not immune from incidents of abuse or inappropriate behavior. Child protection must be approached professionally and with a rigor that should not be undermined or compromised.  Appropriate guidelines must be implemented within Community of Christ to make our facilities safe spaces and protect children and other vulnerable individuals.  Adhering to such guidelines also helps protect ministers from allegations and the institution from legal action. 

We must approach child protection in diligent and compassionate ways that express God’s love and help us live out Christ’s mission.