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Ideas for Young Children

Called - Ideas for Young Children

All Are Called

Gifts to Share

Key Concept: Everyone has special gifts to share.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Song: “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”

Tell children that we can help others in many ways and we have helping tools with us all the time. Raise your hands and ask, “With your hands, what can you do for others?” (Have children raise their hands as they respond.) Raise a leg and ask, “With your legs and feet, what do you do for others?” (Have children raise a leg, then walk or move their feet.) Blink your eyes, put your hand behind your ear, point to the top of your head, and point to your mouth. Ask, “With your brain, and eyes, and mouth, and ears, what do you do for others?”

Explain the message from 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. All parts of our body work together, no part is more important than another. We need our hands to hold things, our eyes to see, our feet to walk, our mouth to speak. Each part is important.
Challenge: Each one of you is important, too. God calls everyone to do their part. Name at least one thing that makes each person special. How can they share that special gift with others?

Keywords: object lesson, share, gifts

Joyful Noise

Key Concept: We can praise God through instruments and song.

Scripture: Psalm 98

Song: “Praise the Lord Together Singing” Community of Christ Sings #642

Young children love to make a joyful noise! Using one or more of the ideas below, help children make instruments to play.

  • Stretch three or four rubber bands across a box or small plastic container. Strum “strings” on open side.
  • Place dry beans inside a clean, plastic drink bottle. Reseal lid to create shakers.
  • Cut wooden dowel rods to 10-inch lengths. Hit stick together to keep the beat.
  • Use empty oatmeal boxes for drums.
  • String bells onto chenille craft stems. Twist ends of the chenille stem together tightly and shake.

Let the children sing and play their musical instruments as they march around.

Challenge: Have children share their music as part of a worship service.

Keywords: craft, music, witness, share