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Ideas for All Ages Together

Called - Ideas for All Ages Together

All Are Called

God graciously gives people gifts and opportunities to do good and to share in God’s purposes.

The Complete Jesus Scripture Search

1 Corinthians 12:27
“To Be Your Presence” CCS 351

Jesus used every part of his being to serve God. We can find stories throughout the scriptures of Jesus using his hands, his voice, his eyes, and his feet to serve God. Divide participants into groups of four or five. For each group, trace an adult body onto a full-length roll of newsprint, but make some changes so this tracing will represent Jesus. First, challenge each team to fill in the different parts of the body (head, mouth, ears, eyes, hands, and feet) with a synopsis and scripture reference that represent what Jesus did. For instance, with his hands he healed, fed others; with his mouth he prayed, and taught. When the groups are finished, have them tape up their “Jesus” for display, and then share their discoveries with one another.

Some scriptures to get you started are: Matthew 9:29, Mark 1:41, Luke 22:51, Mark 10:21, John 11:5, John 13:34, Matthew 4:18, Luke 24:28, Mark 2:13, Luke 5:3, Matthew 14:19, Luke 8:24, and Matthew 7:1.

Called for Each Other

Ephesians 4:1-6
“Bear Each Other’s Burdens” CCS 374

Share your favorite storybook about our gifts, talents, and callings. The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney is a word-free picture book of Aesop’s famous fable. The lion and the mouse use their gifts to help each other, but first they CHOOSE to share their gifts, which brings blessing to them both. What is your favorite story of choosing to share your calling? If you don’t have a favorite story, write your own.

Keywords: Personal Relationships, story