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Ideas for Adults

Called - Ideas for Adults

All Are Called

Jesus Christ invites people to follow him by becoming disciples who share his life and ministry.

Called and Engaged

Ephesians 4:1–6
“Christ Has Called Us to New Visions” CCS 566

Create a list that catalogs the gifts of you and members of your group, congregation, or mission center. Discuss the Enduring Principle All Are Called.

Ask people to share specific experiences of how they feel called to live Christ’s mission. Remember that all are called and have a place and purpose engaging in the church’s mission.

Action: As a group or alone, engage in a period of discernment (several weeks). Spend time in prayer each week asking God’s spirit to lead each person toward a sense of call. As individuals begin to identify specific calls, guide discussion around how the congregation can support each person’s faithful response to living out God’s call.

Keywords: mission, called, missional, encounters

Plan a Worship

1 Corinthians 12:27
“According to the Gifts” CCS 591

Organize a group to plan a worship or prayer event for the congregation. Choose people who are not priesthood members, not usually asked to take part in this way. Encourage their giftedness, and develop an event that is expressive to them and to those who may not feel “called” to share in traditional ways.
Action: Make this an annual event to continually magnify the gifts of all people.

Keywords: giftedness, community, spiritual, practices

Surrounded by Scripture

Ephesians 4:1–6
“I Have Called You by Your Name” CCS 636

Have a few people place themselves around the perimeter of the group. At least cover the four corners (four is significant in the Bible, representing the four corners of the Earth, e.g. everywhere). Have the people on the perimeter read the scripture, Ephesians 4:1–6, which challenges us to lead a life worthy of the calling to which we have been called. This can be powerfully done if they read the same scripture all at once, but staggered (not in unison), or in different languages. If it sounds like an unintelligible cacophony, that’s okay! The experience of being “surrounded” with sound and scripture is unique.

Action: Make time to read scripture aloud.

Keywords: scripture, calling, community, spiritual, practice