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About World Service Corps

About World Service Corps

Basic Information

WHAT is World Service Corps?

World Service Corps (WSC) is an international volunteer program and ministry of Community of Christ. The program is designed to provide volunteers with intercultural opportunities to pursue Christ’s mission of compassion, justice and peace. Volunteer opportunities range from 2 months to 2 years. 

Essential elements of each volunteer assignment include: leadership development, discipleship formation, and cultural immersion. The program helps equip individuals to serve as living expressions of the life, ministry, and continuing presence of Christ in the world. Volunteers experience profound personal transformation as they connect with God and neighbor.

World Service Corps aligns with the mission of Community of Christ, to “proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace.” We engage in this mission by focusing our efforts on five world-changing Mission Initiatives: Invite People to Christ; Abolish Poverty, End Suffering; Pursue Peace on Earth; Develop Disciples to Serve; and, Experience Congregations in Mission.

WHO can participate in World Service Corps?

World Service Corps welcomes women and men of all cultures and backgrounds. Applicants should be 18 years and older. 

World Service Corps volunteers are committed to: 

  • Developing as a disciple of Christ
  • Promoting the mission of Community of Christ
  • Sharing time, energy, and skills in service of others
  • Partnering with leadership at host site on local activities and initiatives
  • Discovering the values and insights of another culture
  • Engaging in the daily life of host community 
  • Building community through bonds of friendship
  • Exercising flexibility, open mindedness, and sense of humor in the midst of new experiences  
  • Upholding peace, justice, and the worth of all persons

WHAT volunteer opportunities are available?

World Service Corps volunteers partner with local congregation and community leaders, schools and humanitarian organizations at their host site. Together, volunteers learn and share side-by-side in efforts to shape a world of peace where the physical and spiritual needs of all people are met. 

Each WSC assignment is unique to the host site and the interests and skills of the volunteer. All WSC assignments include volunteers in the mission of Community of Christ, lived out through the initiatives of local congregation(s) and/or partner organizations. 

Examples of common volunteer activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Youth ministry
  • Young adult ministry
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Community outreach 
  • Young Peacemakers Clubs
  • Community development
  • Team building
  • Health education
  • Church planting
  • Music ministry
  • Camps, retreats, and reunions
  • Preaching
  • Planning worships and programs

WHEN would I go and for how long?

Volunteer opportunities range from 2 months to 2 years. When you go and for how long will depend on which program you request on your application. For information on length, dates, costs, and other details, see programs.  

WHERE would I go?

Where you go will depend on your interests, skills, and site preference, relative to the opportunities we can make available to create the best match for you and your host site. We kindly ask that you be open to a variety of different host sites and opportunities. 

New site locations and assignments are developed each year. The World Service Corps program began in 1999 and since then more than 400 volunteers have served in 36 countries.

Visit our Facebook page to see photos and stories from current volunteers and alumni.  

WHY would I want to go?

There are many reasons to dedicate yourself to volunteer ministry with the World Service Corps. Perhaps the most important is to learn from new experiences and opportunities as you give of your whole self in the compassionate ministries of Christ. You will learn and grow the most when you are willing to engage in opportunities to serve and to lead, while connecting in meaningful relationships with others and deepening your spiritual exploration with God. Your outlook on the world will be impacted when you share and live and eat alongside people from various walks of life. And the skills and inner resources that you develop during your World Service Corps assignment will support you in your future path.

HOW do I become a volunteer?

The first step is to submit an application form. After your completed application and reference forms are received, you may be contacted for an interview (in person or by phone or video conference). Following the interview, we will determine site placement for selected volunteers. All applicants will be notified of their status.

Please note: The application deadline for all programs (except long term) is January 31. Interviews for the majority of programs are conducted in early February. Interviews for long-term and regional assignment candidates may be conducted at various times of the year.