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About World Hunger

About World Hunger


A world where every person has adequate food and resources for a life with dignity


Sharing our abundance, we strive to empower the vulnerable and bring wholeness to all persons through access to life-sustaining provisions and economic fairness 


Support ministry to help end hunger throughout the world, encourage education on root causes of poverty and hunger, and advocate on behalf of relevant industries and services that promote equality and healthy standards of living


The World Hunger Fund was established by a World Conference resolution (GCR 1148) in 1978. It provides for a program to be established to "facilitate opportunities for those interested and motivated to participate in additional ways beyond the fasting discipline and to add these funds to the support of ministries directed toward problems of world hunger."

In 1979 the First Presidency established the World Hunger Fund. Its purpose is to provide funds to alleviate hunger, to educate persons about hunger issues, and advocate on behalf of the hungry. A team was appointed to review funding requests.

The church has been collecting and distributing World Hunger contributions since 1980. Our efforts have been blessed. Millions of dollars have been received and distributed to benefit many worthy projects around the world.

As additional resources are gathered, the World Hunger Team will continue in its task of reviewing projects and funding proposals. It is also our prayer that the Spirit of Jesus Christ will continue to inspire generous support.