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Grant Application

World Hunger - Grant Application


Congregations and mission centers interested in receiving a World Hunger grant must focus on providing support for one or more of the following priority areas:

  • Basic human needs of hunger, poverty, nutrition, and health
  • Environmental ministries relevant to agriculture, food supply, and production
  • Gardening or shared production for survival in rural, urban, or high-rise communities
  • Community development programs responsive to the needs of the hungry using local resources and leadership
  • Human rights advocacy related to hunger and poverty issues
  • Multicultural issues, including awareness and education on hunger and poverty
  • Hunger-related ministries with children, youth, and adults

We invite you to read the full list of guidelines for receiving a  World Hunger grant before submitting your application.


If you believe your program meets the grant guidelines, we invite you submit an application to the World Hunger Team.

In addition to your application, you must submit a cover letter, financial information, and letters of support. All documents must be submitted before the World Hunger Team will consider your application.

We invite you to review the application checklist for more information about what you must include with your application.


We consider grant applications twice a year. Applications must be received by your apostle, mission center president, and financial officer by February 1 or September 1. They must be received by the World Hunger Administrator by March 1 or October 1.