Temple School

Vision Statement Temple School envisions people expressing their full potential using knowledge and action in God’s world. Members and friends of the church are encouraged to pursue lifelong learning and development.

Mission Statement Temple School provides resources to assist adult learners in their quest for knowledge, leadership skills, spirituality, and personal development.

Guidelines Please consult the Field School Guide for detailed instructions on how to plan a successful field school.
Courses Most courses are divided into five units except where noted. Besides study time, each field school course should have a minimum of ten hours of class time. A completion card is awarded at the end of class when a course is completed.

Instructional setting Courses may be taken in two settings. First, all courses are available to be taught in field schools operated throughout the church. The format of these field schools varies (see Field School Guide). The other major setting is home study [marked with (HS) where available]. These courses are available for persons who are unable to attend field schools. In most cases, classroom dialogue is preferable to the home study approach.

Course codes Course offerings in the curriculum are prefixed with the following codes:


Abundant Living
Aaronic Ministries
Congregational Leadership
Directed Study
Procedures and Administration
Peace and Justice Studies
Service Learning
Scriptural Study
Theology and Ethics



   Field School Student Fee 
   Home Study (Correspondence) 
   Directed Study Credit 

$20.00 per course (effective April 1, 2011)
$20.00 per course


Shipping Cost


   Order Retail Total
   $0.01 - $35
   Special Handling
   Commercial Accounts

Current Shipping Charges
20%  ($7 to $40)
actual + $15
actual + $10


Please Note: Home Study and Instructor Guide Sheets are included with most course books.
Some courses do not have instructor guide sheets or home study sheets available; these
are indicated after the course title.