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April 2016 Grants Approved

Nature Club Day Camp & Nature Club School Year – Eastern Great Lakes Mission Center

The focus of the Nature Club School year is the children from kindergarten through the early middle school years.  They are taught about environmental responsibility, living harmoniously with nature, how to safely appreciate all aspects of the outdoors.  The program operates from September – May.   The Day Camp is offered for one week during the summer months.  The Pittsburgh (PA) South Hills Congregation is the sponsoring group.

Approved a grant amount of $ 975.00 (Nature Day Camp)
Approved a grant amount of $525.00 (Nature Club School Year)

Cancer Survivorship Program – Prairie Bluffs Mission Center

The program is a comprehensive effort designed to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors as they make the transition from ‘fighting cancer’ to ‘creating healthy lives’. Survivors receive information, encouragement, training, practice, and ongoing support through the two program components:  survivorship care planning (group and individual) and holistic rehabilitation programming.

Approved a grant of $2500.00

Shabonna Baby Pantry – Michigan Mission Center

The Shabonna, Michigan Congregation decided to create a program supporting families with children six years of age and under.  The purpose of the program is to lend support to families with young children that are struggling by furnishing, free of charge, items such as clothing, equipment, diapers and formula. The anticipation is that it will free some income for other needs within the affected families.

Approved a grant of $2000.00

Credit Union Loan Program – Central Mission Center

This is a continuation of a program to provide low interest loans from a local Credit Union to clients of the Community Services League who do not qualify for a lending institution loan.  The grant helps to fund a loan loss pool which can be use if defaults occur.  An educational program is part of the program to help families become self- sufficient in the long term.

Approved a grant of $5000.00

Friday Night Out – Sierra Pacific Mission Center

The goal of the program is to bring into being a place where young adults with special needs can socialize and find a place at the table. A once a month gathering is held where the kids eat together, play games, laugh and dance.  Parents were able to have dinner together, connect with other parents and breathe on a Friday night.  The Walnut Creek, CA congregation is the supporting group.

Approved a grant of $5000.00

October 2015 Grants Approved

Student Supply Closet - Lamoni, Iowa, USA

Enactus, a Graceland University student-led organization, opened the Student Supply Closet to serve students financially unable to purchase basic living essentials, thus helping relieve the stress of poverty and increasing their positive experience on campus. It provides a food pantry, hygiene products, schools supplies and books, clothing closet, and usable discarded furniture and household supplies. They anticipate serving 45 Graceland University student families. This is a second-year request. 

Approved Grant Amount: $2,500

Ingles Directo: Apoyo Inmigrante Hispano - Alamance County, North Carolina

The purpose of the program is to teach English to undocumented Hispanic immigrants, offer crisis intervention, orient them to essential community resources and American culture, as well as offer communication and interpreter services. This is a first-year request.   

Approved Grant Amount: $12,500