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Being a Disciple

To follow Jesus Christ, we must become disciples. Christians are called to be more than just the name. Disciples are people whose lives are transformed as they continually seek to pattern their lives after the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.

First Steps

Becoming a disciple in the Community of Christ begins with a few simple steps.

  1. Listen within yourself for the call of Jesus Christ in your life.
  2. Be involved with a congregation, participating in activities that help you learn, grow, and serve others.
  3. Learn more about the gospel and the church by talking with a minister or member who can help you more fully understand and respond to the call of Jesus Christ in you life.
  4. Be baptized into the fellowship of the body of Christ.

Becoming a disciple of Jesus means accepting God’s incredible love for you and learning to trust and depend on God. Following baptism and confirmation, you are invited to continue sharing fully in the life of your congregation, experiencing activities designed to move you forward in your discipleship.

The Heart of Discipleship

Discipleship in the Community of Christ begins with our mission statement: “We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.” Seeking ways to reflect this mission in your daily life will lead you on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation. The following goals are for those traveling the path of the disciple:

Share Your Witness and Resources

Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ enriches our lives and creates a deep sense of satisfaction. People want to talk about this good news with others and share their resources so ministry can be brought to people worldwide.


A disciple seeks to know God. The scriptures promise that God is always present and available to us. There are several things we can do to invite the Holy Spirit and realize God’s presence in our lives.

Be Involved

A disciple is a member of a community of disciples. By working and sharing together, we experience a deeper understanding of who God calls us to be.


A disciple continually seeks to understand the teachings of Jesus. There is always more to know, and the church provides resources to guide you.

Be a Peacemaker

We are called to bring peace and justice to our world. In a world in which people seek to dominate others, such a call is very much needed.

An Invitation

Disciples of Jesus Christ are both invited and called to invite others. You are invited to commit your life to following Jesus Christ. You are invited to live your discipleship in the fellowship and mission of the Community of Christ. As you consider your response, consider inviting others to join you.

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