Daily Prayer for Peace


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Gathering in Silence
Call to Prayer
Lighting of Candle




Welcome today to this sacred place, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Each day in this Temple, dedicated for the pursuit of peace, we pray for peace in our world.  We also take the opportunity to focus our prayers and thoughts on one nation of this world. Today we will hold the people of Oman in our prayers.  Oman is located in the Middle East.  Oman's moderate, independent foreign policy has sought to maintain good relations with all Middle Eastern countries.  Oil, exported since 1967, has financed roads, schools, and hospitals.  The majority of Omanis still farm or fish, and the government promotes protection of fisheries and coastal zones.  In 1997, Omani women were given the right to vote and to stand for election to the Consultative Council.  Five years later, the same right was extended to all voters above the age of 21.

Christ, who is God’s shalom, calls us to worship.  May the peace of Jesus Christ fill our hearts this day.

Scripture Reading
Psalm 16:1-2, 7-11


O God, keep me safe—you are my refuge! I said to Our God, “You are my God; there is nothing good for me apart from you.” I praise Our God, who guides me; even at night my heart teaches me. I’m always aware of your presence; you are right by my side, and nothing can shake me. My heart is happy and my tongue sings for joy; I feel completely safe with you, because you won’t abandon me to the Grave; you won’t let your loved one see decay. You show me the path to Life; your presence fills me with joy, and by your side I find enduring pleasure.

Prayer for Peace
—Donna M. Pratt


Heavenly Parent, out of the silence we come to you. To you who gives voice to the thunder and to the laughter of children. To you who allows us to see the beauty of your earth which was created for us to use wisely, who allows us to smell the new-mown hay as well as the bread freshly baked for your Holy Sacrament, or to share with a neighbor - who allows us to touch hands in friendship and to soothe the brow of those who are at times troubled and weary. We ask that you create in us a new being - a being that is hungering for peace. One that would go the second mile, and the third, and the fourth. Help us to have hearts that respond positively when we think that we are wronged. Help us to see "the other side" of every situation in which we are involved. For we know, dear God, that it is through our faith in you that we are blessed, and this blessing can, when used correctly, bring about that peace for which we have yearned so long. As we observe the lighted peace candle, let us center our thoughts on peace. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

For The Healing of The Nations – Community of Christ Sings #297

Prayers of the People


In peace, we pray to you, Lord God.  We humbly ask your blessing upon all people in their daily lives and work; for our families, friends, and neighbors, and for those who are alone.  

The People Pray in Silence


We pray for the well-being of this community, the nations, and especially the people of Oman this day.  They are a people who want to practice peace.  Bless them in their efforts to be a light of peace in this part of our world.

The People Pray in Silence


We remember the special needs and concerns of this congregation. We confess to you our shortcomings. In your compassion forgive us our sins, we ask.

The People Pray in Silence


Open our eyes to see new ways for a just and proper use of your creation.  We have exploited the land and its people.  Teach us to work for justice and peace, not for ourselves alone but for all persons.

The People Pray in Silence


Please use this space to pray for any current concern or event in our community, city, state, nation or world that you feel needs to be held up to God for prayerful consideration.

The People Pray in Silence


Hear our prayers, O God, and send your Holy Spirit to be with us as we seek to know you and do your will.  Amen.

Sending Forth


We conclude our service with ministry of music.  I invite you to remain in the quiet of this place to pray or meditate you may wish. Now, go from here with the peace that only the Creator can give to be peacemakers in your own special way in your part of the world.  Amen.

Ministry of Music