Presiding Evangelist David Brock
 David R. Brock (bio)

Presiding Evangelist:
David Brock
816-833-1000 ext 3036
800-825-2806 ext 3036
Secretary, Order of Evangelists:
Tom Mountenay
816-833 1000 ext 2404
800-825-2806 ext 2404
Julie Smith, Assistant
816-833-1000 ext 2204
800-825-2806 ext 2204

Presiding Evangelist

The Presiding Evangelist serves as a spiritual companion, counselor and guide to the church and its leaders and to the Order of Evangelists in fulfilling the significant ministry they provide to the church, especially in a time of transformation and change.

Evangelists are ordained to be ministers of blessing, witnessing of Jesus Christ and responsive to the reconciling and redeeming influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of persons, serving in multiple ministries according to the unique gifts and callings of each evangelist.

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