Organ Demonstration Recital Schedule

Come to the 3:00 p.m. daily recitals June through August. (The rest of the year, recitals are Sundays only.) Free and open to the public.

For locations and performers, check the listing below.

Worried about kids making it through a recital? The Organ Demonstration Recitals are only 30 minutes long and kids get organ activity pages.

Curious to see the organ up close? Stay after the recital for a tour of the console: the control station for the organ.

Appreciate excellent music? You’ll hear Kansas City’s best organists on the area’s largest pipe organs: the Auditorium and Temple organs in Independence.

Weekday recitals are at the Temple. Weekend recitals alternate between the Temple and Auditorium. Enter the Temple through the East doors and the Auditorium through the West. For further instructions see our driving directions.

July 2014

Tue Jul 1: John Davies (Temple)
Wed Jul 2: Terry Foster (Temple)
Thu Jul 3: Pam Robison (Temple)
Fri Jul 4: Barbara Adler (Temple)
Sat Jul 5: Jan Van Otterloo (Auditorium)

Sun Jul 6: Ted Stewart (Temple)
Mon Jul 7: Jan Kraybill (Temple)
Tue Jul 8: Jan Kraybill (Temple)
Wed Jul 9: Pam Robison (Temple)
Thu Jul 10: Jan Kraybill (Temple)
Fri Jul 11: Barbara Adler (Temple)
Sat Jul 12: Barbara Adler (Temple)

Sun Jul 13: Terry Foster (Auditorium)
Mon Jul 14: Dale Rider (Temple)
Tue Jul 15: Robert Rowlett (Temple)
Wed Jul 16: Blake West (Temple)
Thu Jul 17: Barbara Adler (Temple)
Fri Jul 18: Blake West (Auditorium, to avoid conflict with IYF)
Sat Jul 19: Blake West (Auditorium)

Sun Jul 20: Nicholas Good (Temple)
Mon Jul 21: Pam Robison (Temple)
Tue Jul 22: Nicholas Good (Temple)
Wed Jul 23: Nicholas Good (Temple)
Thu Jul 24: Jeff King (Temple)
Fri Jul 25: Blake West (Temple)
Sat Jul 26: Jan Van Otterloo (Temple)

Sun Jul 27: Jeff King (Auditorium)
Mon Jul 28: Dale Ramsey (Temple)
Tue Jul 29: Barbara Adler (Temple)
Wed Jul 30: Robert Rowlett (Temple)
Thu Jul 31: Ted Stewart (Temple)