Community of Christ

About the Archives

About the Archives

The Community of Christ Archives is the final repository of institutional records reflecting the enduring values of the institution. The archives staff provides stewardship over the documentary and primary source materials pertaining to the history of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/Community of Christ.

The archival collection is housed within the library with over 1,000 linear feet of the church's institutional material.

Request an Appointment to Research

  1. Download Archive User Request Form
  2. Submit a completed version by mail or save it to your computer and send as an attachment to Rachel Killebrew

Materials Available

  • photographs
  • oral histories
  • letters
  • journals
  • past event information, etc.  

Genealogy Day

One day a month we will offer entrance for those that wish to research genealogy. Please contact Rachel Killebrew for a list of dates and to set an appointment.