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Worldwide Mission Tithes Update


Through September, we are right at our goal. After a really strong start to the year, we have been slightly below our monthly goal for the past three months.  Heading into the final months of the year, reaching our tithing targets for October, November, and December becomes essential if we want to sustain current ministries.

Haiti Relief Continues to Grow


Thank you for the outpouring of generosity for Hurricane Matthew disaster relief. As of Tuesday, 18 October, over $21,750 USD has been donated by members in Canada, the British Isles, and USA.

Apostle Arthur Smith reports that local leaders in Haiti allocated the initial $10,000 to help 100 families. Each family will receive $100 in emergency funds for medicine, water, food, and clothing. The church will continue to identify families who need aid, many of whom live in more remote areas that remain difficult to access. Continue to pray for recovery in Haiti and support ongoing relief by donating through e-Tithing in the USA (select Disaster Relief) or online at

Super Typhoon Hits Philippines


Super Typhoon Lawin struck the northern provinces of Luzon, Philippines, on Wednesday, 19 October. The local weather agency gave it a signal warning of 5. This is the highest level of alert. It was the first time a signal 5 warning has ever been issued.   

Many Community of Christ members live in the areas most affected by the typhoon.  Because of the effects of the storm, we have had limited communication with staff and members in the Philippines. Reports indicate many field crops are totally destroyed, and many homes and other structures sustained extreme damage.  Numerous roads and bridges are impassable from debris and flooding.  Food supplies in isolated areas will run short in two to three days.  

Please keep the people of the Philippines in your thoughts and prayers as they struggle with the aftermath of such destruction. As we receive more information and become aware of financial needs, we will share that information with the church. 

Aid to Haiti for Hurricane Matthew


Community of Christ is sending an initial $10,000 from Abolish Poverty, End Suffering for Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti. The needs there are sure to exceed this amount. You can respond now through e-Tithing by selecting the Worldwide Mission Tithes category and giving to “Hurricane Matthew Relief.” (In Australia or Canada, go to the Give webpage.) 

Apostle Arthur Smith is not aware of loss of life among church members in Haiti. “Many count themselves lucky to be alive, including a family who left their home just before the roof collapsed,” shared Arthur. Many members have lost their homes and of the 12 congregations in one area of Haiti all but one are destroyed. He said, “Due to bridges being out, we still can’t go visit people. Communication remains difficult.”  

Your continued prayers and generous giving to Abolish Poverty, End Suffering offer hope and tangible aid to make a difference in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Thank you. 

Church launches GoFundMission in USA


The church launched for members and friends in the USA. GoFundMission is a community-funding pilot website of the USA mission fields where you can give directly to a mission project. 

How to Give

Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes are a disciple’s top priority as we pursue Christ’s mission. Giving through is an opportunity for when you have extra and see a project you want to be part of; plus it’s an invitation to everyone in the community to get involved and see the impact of their generosity.  

You can give to Local and Worldwide Mission Tithes through e-Tithing and offering envelopes. 

How to Submit a Local Project

If your congregation has a project that needs funding, you can apply for your project to appear on Learn more at

How Are You Living the Mission Initiatives?


Connecting through stories is a long-held tradition in Community of Christ. How are you pursuing Christ’s mission—our mission—in your community and life? 

We need you to share your story! Take just a few minutes to write down how you and/or your congregation are living out the Mission Initiatives and Enduring Principles to make a difference in your community. Our stories are as unique as each of us and no one can tell your story, except you. Others need to hear/read/see these inspiring ideas for their ministry. Send photos and info to the Communications Team for potential publication in Herald, Daily Bread blog, or

Year A Lessons Coming in October


Community of Christ lessons for children, youth, and adults will continue with Year A, beginning November 27. The first 14 will be available for download by the end of October. Additional lessons will be posted quarterly. When accessing lessons, users will find a brief form to provide useful information, and the opportunity to give to Worldwide Mission Tithes. A donation of $20 USD per quarter, or $80 USD per year, for each age is suggested.

Print PDF files or download lessons and save to your computer to print as needed. Lessons for all ages follow the Gospel Lectionary text from Worship Resources and Sermon & Class Helps, inviting further family and small-group conversation and study. Your generosity is an important investment in lifelong disciple formation and helps preserve and expand teaching and learning tools for the worldwide church. Thank you!

Graceland Seeks Your Help in Presidential Search


Graceland University needs the network of members to reach out to Community of Christ qualified candidates to make them aware of the search for the next president of Graceland. The roots of the relationship between the church and the university run very deep, and the shared values are central to the university's mission.

The Graceland Board of Trustees invites applications for the office of president of the university. A broad-based search has been launched for a new president, with a diligent search to identify Community of Christ members who are fully qualified by background and experience to be strong candidates. All Community of Christ candidates will receive a comprehensive review in the context of the position profile. Presidential Search Committee Chair, Dr. Kay Mussel, keeps Graceland's presidential search page updated. Applications may be sent to Jodi Seymour, executive assistant to the president, Graceland University, Lamoni, IA 50140.

Messiah Choir Centennial Continues


The Independence Messiah Choir will again join with the Kansas City Symphony and Chorus to perform Messiah this Christmas season. These performances will be at Helzberg Hall in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 1, 2, 3, and 4. This year marks the choir’s one hundredth anniversary from when they first shared this “annual Christmas gift” in 1916, both in Independence and Kansas City.

Tickets are now available from the Kansas City Symphony box office by calling 816-471-0400 or online at

A Bright Future: Reflecting on the 2016 World Conference


In “A Bright Future,” Apostle Linda Booth and President Steve Veazey reflect on Community of Christ’s 2016 World Conference, including new prophetic direction for the church.

USA Citizenship and Discipleship


We are citizens of a nation and disciples of Jesus Christ. How do those come together as we engage in the USA political process? A letter from USA apostles directs us to our Enduring Principles for guidance.

Doctrine and Covenants E-book Now Includes Section 165


We're excited to announce that the Doctrine and Covenants e-book for Amazon devices and apps has been updated to include Section 165. This new section was approved in June by the 2016 World Conference of Community of Christ. 

If you have previously purchased the entire e-book, a standalone version of Section 165 is also available. 

Community of Christ is registered as a charitable organization eligible to receive donations from the AmazonSmile Foundation. In the USA, people can connect to Community of Christ easily via this AmazonSmile link. To learn how to support the church via Amazon in Canada, please visit the mission center page. 

CofChrist Peacekeepers Seek Nominees


Community of Christ's Association for Ministry to Military Personnel (The Peacekeepers) is seeking nominees to be considered for two leadership positions: president and secretary.  

The Peacekeepers are dedicated to bringing ministry to Community of Christ members serving on active duty world-wide.  If you or someone you know has a heart for providing ministry to military personnel (whether current association members or prospective new members) please have them submit their name as soon as possible to the current president via email. The association would like to complete the election by 30 September 2016.   

2016 World Conference Minutes


The 2016 World Conference minutes were reviewed and approved by the Standing High Council Minutes Review Team. The review and approval procedure was included in the Standing Rules for the 2016 World Conference and approved by World Conference delegates.

Sunday Organ Demonstration Recitals to Continue at New Time


Through the end of July, enjoy daily 30-minute organ demonstration recitals at 3:00 p.m. at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. Beginning August 1, recitals will be held only on Sundays at 2:30 p.m. Because International Headquarters is operating with less staff, the Sunday schedule will be condensed so the Temple can be open for the 1:00 p.m. Prayer for Peace and the recital at 2:30 p.m., except when the building is completely closed for holidays. 

See details on when the Temple is open for tours, Daily Prayer for Peace, organ recitals and more. Learn more about how recitals are supported through your giving to the Worldwide Mission Budget in an official announcement. Many thanks to organists, tour guides, and Prayer for Peace volunteers who selflessly offer these quality experiences.

Family-friendly Spiritual Retreat in April


Join in a family-friendly spiritual retreat, Encountering God at Home, at the Temple in Independence, Missouri, April 7-9, 2017. This retreat will focus on nurturing household spirituality for families, children, and youth. There will be tracks for adults, youth, and children, with childcare available for children under 3. Though this retreat is designed for young families who are seeking ways to have meaningful spiritual experience in their homes, everyone who feels the call to work with children and families is encouraged to attend! Information and the retreat flier are on the Spiritual Formation Center website. Contact Katie with any questions. 

Church Launches New Online Giving Platform in USA


Community of Christ launched e-Tithing, a new online giving platform, for members and friends in the USA. 

Giving is safe, easy, and flexible with e-Tithing! You can give on your desktop computer, tablet, and mobile device. Make one-time and recurring contributions by bank withdrawal, and with credit and debit cards. When you set-up a recurring contribution, you decide when giving starts and the frequency of recurrence (weekly, every two weeks, bimonthly, or monthly).

You can also contribute anonymously or create an account. With an account, you can:

  • View your giving history
  • Add a credit or debit card
  • Change credit or debit card information
  • Manage your recurring contribution
  • Make a one-time gift

If your congregation accepts online contributions, you can give to Local Mission Tithes and Worldwide Mission Tithes. If your congregation does not accept online contributions, you can still give to Worldwide Mission Tithes.

Read the FAQ to learn more about e-Tithing or contact Fiscal Services with questions and for support:; or phone (816) 833-1000. 

Thank you for everything you do to support Christ’s mission! 

Your Generosity Makes a Difference


Check out the 2015 Generosity Annual Report and reflect on the difference you made on mission as we live out the five Mission Initiatives.