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USA Apostles Affirm Veazey Statement on Refugee Families


The USA Apostles of Community of Christ join President Stephen Veazey (announcement below) in contacting United States government officials to end the current policy of separating children from their refugee immigrant parents.

One of our Enduring Principles, Worth of All Persons, calls us to "challenge unjust systems that diminish human worth."

We also urge members and friends of the church who share this concern to communicate their views to government officials and legislators. 

In Christ’s peace,

Linda Booth
Barbara Carter
Janné Grover
Ron Harmon
Robin Linkhart
Lachlan Mackay

Statement from President Veazey Regarding Immigrant Families


On Friday, June 15, I contacted the United States Attorney General by email and voicemail to express my grave concern about the policy of separating children from their refugee immigrant parents.

I stated that such a practice is ungodly, unchristian, and contrary to scriptural teachings about how to treat the most vulnerable in our midst, especially children.

I called on the attorney general to immediately end the current policy because it is unjust and unacceptable. I urge other members and friends of the church who share this concern to communicate your views to governmental officials.

We must join our voices and efforts with others who are working daily to liberate the children and reunite them with their families.

— President Stephen M. Veazey

Snap, Share Photos of Summer Fun


From June through August we will highlight camp and reunion photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here’s how to participate:
Send camp pictures to or use #CofChristCamp or #CofChristReunion. We will share select pictures on church social media accounts. One of your camp images might be used as our Facebook cover photo!
Or, catch the camp fun by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Also, Community of Christ members are taking over the official Instagram account to share pictures from their camps and reunions.
Campers from Kentucky-Indiana USA Mission Center, South Central States USA Mission Center, Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center and others will participate in Instagram Camp Takeover.
We look forward to seeing and sharing the camp fun. For more information:

Updated Youth Worker Application Available


Updated Registered Child and Youth Worker applications are available for mission center officers, youth ministers, and camp directors in North America at New versions of the Application Guidance Notes and Mission Center Checklist also are available. 

Please direct youth worker applicants to use this updated RCYW form when they apply.

In response to many requests, the RCYW application is being made available as a fillable PDF document.  

This should make it easier to submit completed applications electronically. Submit completed RCYW applications to for approval and registration.  

Applications that are submitted electronically are preferred because they require less time and effort to process. If necessary paper applications can still be mailed or faxed to the Office of General Counsel. 

Thank you to all mission center, congregational and camping staff for your continued efforts ensuring that any person working with children and youth at Community of Christ events has received the necessary youth worker training and has been registered as a youth worker.

Free Member-Submitted Lessons, Music Available


More than 50 examples of lessons and music created by Community of Christ members are now available on for download to members and congregations. 

All materials in the Member Created area on the website are free. On the site are lessons, song lyrics, and sheet music for worship—including small-group lessons for youth. 

Additional materials are welcome. To submit a resource for possible inclusion on, see the Member Created area for instructions.

Two Kansas City-area Organizations Named 2019 International Peace Award Winners


For the first time in its history, the Community of Christ International Peace Award will be given to organizations in Kansas City and Independence, Missouri, USA.

The two recipients were chosen to highlight the 25th anniversary of the Independence Temple. and the Franciscan Mission Warehouse each will receive an award, placing those groups among the ranks of Dr. Jane Goodall (1999) and Bread for the World (2014). The efforts of the award winners uphold Community of Christ Mission Initiatives, including Abolish Poverty, End Suffering and Pursue Peace on Earth. is in Kansas City, Missouri. It has provided millions of people with water and sanitation, helping to break the cycle of poverty and expanding opportunities in the world’s poorest communities. 

Franciscan Mission Warehouse is in Independence, Missouri. The group collects surplus equipment and supplies from US medical facilities and sends them to hospitals and clinics in the poorest parts of the world.

The International Peace Award includes a financial gift to be donated to the charitable peace, justice, or environmental organization of the recipient’s choice. Honorees also receive an original sculpture by Wyoming artist Gail Sundell that depicts two hands holding a crystal globe of the Earth.

The International Peace Award presentation will be at 7:00 p.m. on 6 April, during the 2019 World Conference. The event marks the 26th year of the award and the presentation is scheduled to be webcast from the Auditorium conference chamber. A wider public announcement will be made closer to the presentation date.

Human Resource Ministries Director Named


Community of Christ and Graceland University have announced a new Community of Christ director of Human Resource Ministries, Matthew J. Frizzell.

Jan Kraybill Expands Music Ministry


As of 1 August, Jan Kraybill will move into independent, full-time music performance and ministry. Jan has been serving for the past year as executive director of The Hymn Society, with offices in the Temple in Independence.

Jan combined her three-quarter-time Hymn Society position with other roles, including organist-in-residence for Community of Christ. The Hymn Society has grown to the point that a full-time executive director is needed; simultaneously, Jan’s performance career has grown to the point that it demands more than a quarter of her time. By mutual agreement, The Hymn Society has begun a search for a new executive director who can serve full time.

Because of her strong calling to public music ministry, Jan will devote the majority of her attention to this while continuing to serve as conservator for the pipe organs at International Headquarters and at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. In February, Jan will, as organist-in-residence, offer the 20th Super Bowl recital at Community of Christ Temple and will serve as principal organist for the 2019 World Conference.

Jan contributes vibrant music ministry, workshops, hymnfests, and preaching to various events. To inquire about dates and fees, contact her directly at

Our Conversation About Giving Needs Your Input


Community of Christ has begun an effort to realign the way the we think about giving. Conversations about a Generosity Cycle are beginning now.

We invite you to be part of the bigger conversation that is evolving across the church as we explore and journey together with this new approach.

Please take a few minutes to learn more by watching this video and then take a brief survey linked below the video player. You will also find links to the video script and FAQs.

Here Comes Reunion 2018!


Reunion is a time for spiritual growth, personal discernment, renewed relationships—and fun. “Breathe New Life” is the theme of this year’s materials. Each is designed to be modified for your reunion location and the makeup of the community you serve. The materials are flexible enough to use for Sunday school or individual study. 

Adult Lessons, a book in printed form, will be available through in April for $15.95. 

All others are available through now as PDFs to download and print locally. Look for: 

  • Children’s Activity Guide
  • Sharing Services
  • Worship Resources
  • Youth Lessons 

For more information, email

You're Invited to Write for Daily Bread


Do you have an experience, poem, or reflection that you would like to share with the church community in Daily Bread?

We are looking for submissions that are approximately 300 words. Remember to write for a global audience and in your own voice.

Some possible writing prompts:

  • Where does God show up in your daily life?
  • How are we invited to notice and tend the sacred in the ordinary?
  • How has the Spirit been forming and transforming you over time?

More Daily Bread writing guidelines and a submission form are online. Thank you for considering sharing in this ministry!

Sacred Space Resources Available for Small-Group Worship


Sacred Space: A Small-group Resource is for informal Community of Christ gatherings. The new resource is designed to share a conversation about faith and build relationships. The PDF materials are available free on under the Worship and Pastors & Leaders categories and at

Each outline includes readings and scriptures for Prayer for Peace, Sharing Around the Table, and Generosity Statement. These readings appear in the body of each service outline. Additions for Communion and Thoughts for Children are included. The series also introduces Community of Christ and invites Christ’s followers to be shaped and formed in his image. The materials are available in English only. 

This resource also can be used to support weekly worship in small congregations or in large congregations using a small-group break-out approach. 

Very little preparation time is required, and the resource is created to be printer friendly. 

Sacred Space features two series. 

The Enduring Principles Series follows the Christian calendar. Themes and scriptures explore a deep understanding of Jesus Christ. Each week offers tangible ways people can live Christ’s mission in the context of their lives. 

Forty-eight outlines—four per month—bring a focus theme and related weekly topics. Outlines for church holidays can be used according to where the event or season falls on the calendar in any given year. 

Four additional outlines cover months with a fifth meeting day. The outlines provide an alternative small-group experience. 

The Lectionary Series uses the Revised Common Lectionary, which begins with the first Sunday of Advent. The lectionary moves through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time (Sundays after Pentecost). A spiritual practice is included in each week’s outline.              

A Sacred Space outline is available for each Sunday of the three-year cycle (Years A, B, and C). Outlines also are included for the major holidays that don’t fall on Sundays. will sell color versions printed for use in three-ring binders.

Presiding Bishopric Financial Update for March 2018


In the March financial update — the first of three in 2018 — the Presiding Bishopric expresses its gratitude to church mission centers, congregations, and members for their generosity as 2017 closed. Sixty-two congregations and mission centers made one-time contributions that brought the church within reach of its year-end goal.

The Bishopric has shared other details about the church’s current economic situation and recommendations that were made at the 22 February teleconference meeting of the World Church Finance Board. 

Learn more at

IYF Plans Underway


The cheerful buzz of many languages will echo this summer in Independence, Missouri, as International Youth Forum USA participants arrive at the Community of Christ campus.

This special event, 19-20 July, focuses on international friendships and understanding, an extension of the church’s ongoing mission of invitation, compassionate ministries, and the pursuit of Christ’s peace. International Games are new on the IYF schedule this year. Information on explains more about IYF in English and French.

IYF leads into the annual youth event Spectacular, held in Lamoni, Iowa, USA on the  Graceland University campus. Hundreds of teenagers participate in the two Community of Christ events.  

Every Congregation's History Matters


Congregational historians are needed to help share our sacred story! To appoint a historian:

  • Choose someone in your congregation to represent your history. Make sure this person is willing and available to serve.
  • The congregation's pastor or mission center president then contacts the World Church librarian-archivist at, supplying the name and address of the nominee.
  • An official appointment letter and writing guidelines will be sent to the new historian.

Letter Regarding Political Climate


The First Presidency and USA Apostles released a letter about the political climate in the USA:   

If you are a congregational leader, we invite you to share this letter with your congregation. 

Thank you for everything you do to support Christ’s mission!